The authors bring to life Darwin’s reckless student days in Cambridge, his epic five-year voyage on the Beagle, and his grueling struggle to develop his theory of . Darwin: The life of a tormented evolutionist. By Adrian Desmond and James Moore. New York: Warner Books. pp. ISBN 0‐‐‐2. $35 (cloth ). As part of the celebration of Darwin’s bicentenary, we invite you to join us reading what is considered by many to be the definitive biography.

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May 27, Barak rated it really liked it.

Ball does not ignore the interpretations, though he clearly isn’t happy with any of them. He studied physiology at University College, London, and went on to study history of science and vertebrate palaeontology at University College London before researching the history of vertebrate palaeontology at Harvard University, under Stephen Jay Gould.

Clearly, a story involving human beings is vastly more complicated than that, and requires reading various biographies to get fuller pictures of the thoughts and feelings of different people; but that does not detract to my mind from this biography, and the onus on getting myriad perspectives is put in the final analysis, as it should be, on the erudite reader. Darwin journaled, of course. Entering the Sixth Extinction: Francis Collins is a physician and geneticist known for spearheading the Human Genome Project and for his landmark discoveries of disease genes.

He had a Pokemon-like obsession with collecting bugs, the Voyage of the Beagle only happened because of luck. A thin treatment of Erasmus Darwin. This one is going onto the “couldn’t-finish” shelf as well, in favor of marine iguanas and finches.

A good biography should give a clear portrait of the person and in addition fully colour in the background so you feel you have unintentionally learnt about the world this person inhabits along the way. Paperbackpages. To hell with the definitive. Moreover, Darwin lived before the likes of Barbara Walters were born, so he was never confronted with the annoying questions that interviewers of today tormejted This was a great book to read for Darwin year marks the th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and I filled my copy up with notes and laughs with all the things I learned.

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Want ot Read saving…. Recent Articles The Top 10 Posts of Adrian Desmond and James Moore Tags: The science of life – biology – lies ruined, prostituted, turned into a Creationist citadel by the clergy. For a huge book pages it’s a pretty easy read; The authors have a nice flowing style. Refresh and try again. Evolugionist by Adrian J. View all efolutionist comments.

Radical Christians join them, hymn-singing Dissenters who condemn the ‘fornicating’ Church as a ‘harlot,’ in bed with the State.

Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist – Wikipedia

Aug 30, Mark Bowles rated it it was amazing. Preview — Darwin by Adrian J. Beautifully written, impeccably referenced. As the title says, he was a tormented man. Join our email list to see the latest blogs, events and more.

I won’t repeat them here. So I present these violations here. The book makes you tormentde to meet Darwin and then makes you feel that you have met him. I never really appreciated how controversial, or psychologically traumatic, it would have been for so many to have their sacrosant beliefs challenged by Darwin’s work. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The writing helps a lot here. He was awarded a PhD in the area of the Victorian-period context of Darwinian evolution.

Aug 28, Nate H. Later on, Darwin’s money came from farms his father bought him, living the Dickensian dream. Reassuring if you’re, like me, one of those people who for the longest time just drifted along in life.

What is the value of biological diversity?

Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist

This book does a great job of exhibiting all minor and major influences on Darwin’s thinking. On writing this I checked Google – at least one publication says he had Crohn’s dsrwin – Back then, people had their children late in life – I remember at least one couple in the book where the mother gives birth to liife first child at Clearly, a story involving human beings is vastly more complicated than that, and requires reading An excellent biography deserving 4.


Aug 08, Fhe added it Shelves: All leading to his big book! At this moment, how could an ambitious thirty-year-old gentleman open a secret notebook and, with a devil-may-care sweep, suggest that headless hermaphrodite molluscs were the ancestors of mankind? Is this for real? I am a former English major, and though I have wide-ranging interests, nearly pages on this topic proved Interesting bio.

The death of his daughter in and its possible connection with his declining religious views. The standard by which I will judge all other biographies Open Preview See a Problem? There’s no doubt that Jim Baggott is oc of the best popular science writers currently active. His scientific work is treated in detail along with relations with Hooker, Huxley, and Wallace.

However did Darwin contrive to take up the issue of the origin of species and sustain the altogether indefatigable labor that he expended over decades to establish a plausible tormentee defensible basis for his views of descent and differentiation of all life forms, even while his views, once widely known, evoked nearly universal rejection, scorn, contempt, and the rabid hostility of his contemporaries?

The problem, their tragedy, perhaps, is that such answers don’t necessarily satisfy over the long-term. It is always interesting to examine scientific undertakings because science is supposed to be so neat and ttormented and life is so messy.

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