Anna University, Chennai Object Oriented Programmin Lab Common to B.E CSE & IT University: Anna university Subject Title: OBJECT. Object Oriented Programming () (CS) – Lab Manual 1 – View / Lab Manual 2 (Easwari College of engineering) (Exp ) – View / Download. Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. Pennalur, Sriperumbudur. LAB MANUAL. CS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB.

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Similarly, the ostream class overloads the and display the values of these members by using the output operator. Use double variables to represent the private data of the class. Explain the oope of inheritance as an implementation of class generalization and specialization.

If you have any questionscomments regarding this course b 7 Digital to Analog rporation v Fundamentals of Digital Electronics Lab Make use of friend function. The database created in above exercise does not include educational information of the staff.

Use public, protected and private access control to correctly limit access to class members in an inheritance hierarchy Explain how to resolve name clashes when using multiple inheritance Explain the purpose of polymorphic operations and how they can be implemented within a class hierarchy with virtual member functions Identify the characteristics of an abstract class and explain its lag.

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An educational institution wishes to maintain a database to its employees. Students can be promoted and their departments can be changed. Upon confirmation, the actual values of these are entered for the employee.


Create a class Publication that stores the title a string and price type float of a publication. Define a class Directory with members: Define a class to represent a bank account. To strengthen ability to design and represent solutions to problems using UML notations.

2 LAB MANUAL – Anna University UG/PG Syllabus/Notes/Question Banks

Consider the class hierarchy shown in the figure 3a. Include the following members: Create a class called Complex for performing arithmetic with complex numbers.

Learning OutcomesStudent will be able to: In computer science, a data structure is a data organization and storage format thatMost programming languages feature some sort of library mechanism that A programmer wants to manipulate arrays.

Students are registered in a University.

Oops lab manual for cse 3rd sem pdf creator

The real parts are added together and the imaginary parts are added together. Oriented Programming Laboratory – Manual. Implement a singleton class. Which one is preferable and why? Imagine a publishing company that markets both books and audio-cassette version of its works. To develop programming skills in design and implementation of data structures andtheir applications To search an element in the array using Linear Search. Object Oriented Programming Documents. Define a class Queue that contains elements of type integer.

There are three ways in which Users of question 3 above can be createdi by supplying Name only and using default values for the othersii by supplying Name and password and using default value for Access rightsiii by supplying all informationWrite the user class. Data Structure Lab Manual Cse -?


Users can change their password and access rights. The database is divided into minimum information required for each class.

Lab Manual Anna University, B. Understand the difference between a class and an object. Explain what constitutes an object-oriented approach to programming and identify potential benefits of object-oriented programming over other approaches.

Identify the constructors and destructors that will be invoked in an inheritance hierarchy and their sequence of execution. It is possible to have default values for Password and Access rights which are the first three letters of the Name and ALL respectively.

Computer ScienceVoltage To. Computer Network Programming Lab?? Write a program that reads values of the class objects and adds one object of Distance1 with the object of Distance2 class. Use the class object to store each set of data into a text file phone. Define all the member functions inside the class a To assign initial valuesb To deposit an amountc To withdraw an amount after checking the balanced To display name and balanceWrite a main function to create a database of 10 customersPRACTICAL 2ConstructorsLearning outcomesOn successful completion of this module students should be able to:

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