Croton megalocarpus is a deciduous tree with a dense, spreading, rather flat crown; it can grow up to 35 metres tall. The unbuttressed, cylindrical bole can be up. Croton tree: A year-old C. megalocarpus tree at a site in Bondo District, western. Kenya. The tree is approximately 12 m tall and 15 cm in diameter. Note the. CROTON MEGALOCARPUS*. DISTRIBUTION. Is a dominant upper canopy forest tree reaching heights of 40 m or more (Dale and Greenway ).

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Croton megalocarpus, | Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology

Kenya Literature Bureau, Nairobi, Kenya. Our new book to be released soon is Edible Shrubs. Cancer Letters 22 2: Ethnobotany of the Samburu of Megalocsrpus. The wood is used for fuel and to make charcoal[ ].

Croton megalocarpus – Wikipedia

Bark and leaf decoction of C. The fruit is ellipsoid-ovoid to subglobose with a woody endocarp, Linolenic acid ameliorated the process of wound healing as judged by improved migration ccroton fibroblasts to the wounding area An Illustrated Field Guide.


Croton megalocarpus Croton eluteria x – 26k – jpg de. In the late phase, all the doses of the plant extract exhibited antinociceptive effects compared to the vehicle The heartwood is yellowish white to brownish grey, often with irregular dark brown streaks; it is not distinctly demarcated from the 25 – 50mm wide band of sapwood.


Flowers unisexual, regular, 5-merous, yellowish; pedicel 0. Right plant wrong place.

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Croton nut oil CNO has been promoted for its perceived benefits in combating climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

They are pollinated by insects such as bees.

It has been reported to become invasive under favourable climatic conditions[ ]. Efficacy of selected medicinal plants from Eastern Kenya against Aspergillus flavus. Traditionally farmers prepare 8 cm deep furrows where they drop ripe fruits 15—20 cm apart. Recently, croton nuts are being used as a commercial product in local communities in East Africa.

World checklist and bibliography of Euphorbiaceae with Pandaceae. Croton megalocarpus is quite widespread, both in the wild and planted, and is not in danger of genetic erosion. A pocket directory crotkn trees and seeds in Kenya.


Croton megalocarpus Caroline Wairimu, group secretary, The present review collates the fragmented information on traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of the species. Phytochemical analysis of the selected five plant extracts. Ethnoknowledge of Bukusu community on livestock tick prevention and control in Bungoma district, Western Kenya.

Croton megalocarpus Croton eleuteria x – 20k – jpg en. Vernacular names of Croton megalocarpus in tropical Africa Table 2: Antifungal activity of naphthoquinones and triterpenes isolated from the root bark of Euclea natalensis.

Diversity of traded species and conservation concerns. Leaves alternate, simple and entire; stipules linear-filiform, 0. It is suitable for joinery, interior trim, ship building, vehicle mgalocarpus, furniture, cabinet work, railway sleepers and agricultural implements. A prolific seeder, Croton trees fruit twice a year approximately five months after rains in East Africa.

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