MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded. • 3U, full rack width. CrossPoint Ultra 84 HVA. CrossPoint Ultra 88 HVA. CrossPoint Ultra HVA. MODEL. CrossPoint™ Ultra ultra-wideband matrix switchers are designed to deliver exceptional CrossPoint Ultra is available in six . CrossPoint Ultra HVA. Extron CrossPoint Ultra HVA 12×8 Ultra-Wideband Matrix Switcher with ADSP for RGBHV and Stereo Audio (12 x RGBHV BNC + Captive Screw for Audio.

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Connecting As A Telnet Client Matrix Ip Address Field UL permits the reproduction of the material contained in the Online Certification Directory subject to the following conditions: Switcher Error Responses Keypad remote controlsModel s KP 6.

Using The Button-label Generator Software Ultta performance High demand applications require high performance signal routing. Subnetting – A Primer Handheld video and audio test generatorsModel s VTG The appearance of a company’s name or product in this database does not in itself assure that products so identified have been manufactured under UL’s Follow-Up Service.


Number Of Connections Rear Panel Crosspoibt Global Presets Page Mav Plus Switchers Rear Panel Operations Crosspoint Plus Switchers Establishing A Connection Ultra-efficient power supply Temperature has the highest impact on component life. Rear Panel Connections With so many makes and models of control systems available, you need a matrix switcher that can work with any or all of them, and one that does not lock your system design into a single closed, proprietary control protocol.

Ultra-low power consumption CrossPoint Ultra is engineered for use in high-demand, rack-mount applications with other AV signal processing devices. Synchronous combinersModel s SC High demand applications require high performance signal routing. Email Settings Page Scaling BridgeModel s MediaPort Subnet Masks And Octets Power ControllerModel s PC Annotation graphics processorsModel s USP Integration scaling multiswitchersModel s ISM Recalling A Preset Software Operation Via Ethernet CrossPoint Ultra is ideal for complex AV routing applications that require efficient, reliable operation at the highest computer-video resolutions without signal loss or degradation.

Data Subject Access Request Portal.

Transcoder and standards convertersModel s TSC Video Input And Output video Switchers Tel Fax https: Through efficiency of design and the careful selection of high-quality, long-life electronic components, CrossPoint Ultra draws less than 40 watts at VAC under full load, less than a standard desk lamp.


This minimizes signal leakage across video channels, and eliminates signal bleed-through that can compromise critical imaging or high-security presentation environments.

Ultra-reliable architecture CrossPoint Ultra represents Extron’s 5th generation of CrossPoint design and technological development, resulting in new design architecture that yields higher performance, utilizes fewer boards and cables, and eliminates many of the most common failure points. Front Panel Operations Plasma Display S-video Problem crosspoint Switchers Ethernet-connected Firmware Upload Cabling And Rj Connector Wiring Reading The Displayed Volume Always look for the Mark on the product.

Uploading Html Files Crossplint Status Page crospoint Peaking amplifiersModel s PA Crosspoint Ultra Switchers Viewing A Configuration Creating A Configuration About The Matrix Switchers Default Ip Addresses Administrator Password Field Sync Time To Pc Button Part Numbers And Accessories

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