We are are resource to assist Navy Sailors in writing FITREPs, EVALs, CHIEFEVALs, awards, and Officer FITREP Examples British Navy FITREP Examples. the Navy Chief’s Mess and accepted across the Fleet. ▫ Commanding Officers evaluate Chiefs using an E-7 to O-6 Fitrep which does not reflect. My Intent of this website is to be a one stop shop for all Navy Evaluations and Awards. I have tried to compile the best Navy Evaluations, Navy FITREPS and.

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Quickly established a culture of excellence amongst shipboard maintainers, repairing equipment that in some cases had not been operational for three years.

Committed to cppo in every endeavor, CWO4 Gaine’s leadership, managerial and technical knowledge makes him an absolute front runner for CWO5. She spearheaded the implementation of Naval Weapons Fjtrep Earle Navy Community Service Program; reaching out to the community and building partnerships with six different organizations.

Expertly managed seven Sailors regarding the maintenance and training on Oil Spill Response craft, Harbor Security Boats, and ancillary equipment. The information contained in this critical document is used to select candidates for the Navy’s most challenging and key billets.

He is a firm enforcement of military standards and equitable treatment of subordinates and has optimized morale and promoted teamwork and mission accomplishment.

Designed and built technically and tactically challenging CSTT scenarios using real-world intel cueing. Known as ship’s historian for outstanding written and spoken pieces on such topics as Naval Birthday and Bicentennial Celebration of the War of Instilled a sense of heritage during quarters and set the example by continually encouraging 20 Sailors to grow personally and professionally.

His effective leadership at the Detachment is evidenced by advancements, Instructor qualifications, Master Training Specialist qualifications, and infrequent disciplinary proceedings.

He is without peer in cop to motivate Sailors with captivating instructional techniques. Managed and directed qualification of more than watchstanders in small arms and anti-terrorist tactics, he ensured all personnel were qualified to stand watch onboard WASP during FPIA. Technically gifted, sets competitive standards and provides positive guidance ensuring department preparation and overall mission success. Active member within the Chief’s Mess during transition season.


In only three months, Senior Chief Novak clearly gained distinction as a leadership force in the best CPO mess on the waterfront! Served as the ship’s Senior Enlisted Watch Officer. Dedicates time teaching and resetting the expected standard particularly for Chiefs and First Class Petty Officers. As the Command Financial Specialist he dedicated hours training and advising 16 Sailors and Marines in good financial decision making techniques and proper budgeting resulting in 7 security clearance approvals and zero revocations.

Mission oriented and the driving force behind WASP’s achievements. His experience, mentorship, and vision led to 15 Seamen being rated and advancement of two BM2s. List all the ratee’s accomplishments on a separate sheet of paper. A stellar example of accomplishment and managerial superiority in the LDO community. ENS Brooks fiterp a top-performing division officer with an extremely bright future.

New in All new evals and fitreps

It is evident based on the results of the certification and readiness of the ship that he will have a successful tour onboard WASP and will be one of the top performers and leaders on WASP. FCCM Hallissy combines vast operational experience, managerial skills, and command vision.

One of the most widely respected leaders onboard. CWO3 Lomax continues to apply his drive for perfection to every aspect of his assigned tasks. I unequivocally trust his sound, expert judgment in the defense of this warship and crew. Senior Chief Kurek is an uncompromising and dedicated Quartermaster with an enormous amount of potential. Superbly coordinated with local and state officials, resulting in a fabulous experience for all involved.

Devoted numerous hours in the training of five junior technicians. BMCS Valladares has my complete trust and confidence. He provided mentoring in the implementation and revisions of new and existing course curriculum.


He effectively plans and prioritizes short and long-term goals ensuring WASP and Deck department exceed mission requirements. These scenarios allowed WASP to complete the Basic Phase ahead of schedule with better than expected results, while improving warfighting readiness. Quickly establishing himself as one of my trusted advisors, he flawlessly leads a CPO mess of 25 tactical and technical experts. With proper guidance and more mentoring he will be a rising star in the future.

Actively involved in his Sailor’s development. And that can’t be done by simply creating a laundry list of achievements. True Blue Jacket advocate. Empowers subordinates to succeed in all circumstances.

New in 2018: All new evals and fitreps

He expertly coordinated and resolved scheduling conflicts between eight to ten separate contractors and 69 shipboard Work Centers during multiple shipyard availabilities.

As Lead High Risk Instructor, he unified his peers and subordinates which yielded fpo results in all task assigned. His control and coordination of ship-to-shore movements using both air and surface assets was unsurpassed. Although not within standards, this Master Chief quickly set personal goals, made significant changes in his culture of fitness.

Navy Writer

He molded two dissimilar ratings together to safely navigate over 20, miles during the JTF Lebanon Surge deployment. The introduction, the first two or three lines in the Comments on Performance block, is where this is done.

Actively involved from day one. Immediate positive impact noted in all readiness divisions. Master Chief Smith’s high impact leadership firep first-rate guidance have made an unforgettable and positive impact to WASP and all who come and contact with him.

Passed PFA Cycle

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