Covenantal Apologetics. Study Key Issues in Apologetics and Its Relationship with Christian Doctrine. Curated from a lecture series by K. Scott Oliphint. In his latest work, Covenantal Apologetics, K. Scott Oliphint seeks to recast Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositional apologetics as “covenantal apologetics” – a . Covenantal Apologetics has ratings and 59 reviews. Andrew said: This book was good in more carefully defining presuppositional apologetics as covenan.

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It was probably enough to convince the mind of an unbeliever; but, at least from my conversations with unbelievers, it likely wouldn’t be enough to persuade the heart.

I highly recommend this book. Quotes from Covenantal Apolog But when he gets into this one chapter where he talks about the Greek educational system it doesn’t really point to much of anything. In the end, I enjoyed reading this book and agree with the methodology proposed herein, though I would take a different approach in its execution. He argues, for instance, that Christ’s union of human and divine natures in one person demonstrates that a sovereign and holy God is compatible with human free will and sinfulness.

Oliphint argues this, Reformational principle, is the bedrock belief: In this ambitious endeavor, Oliphint succeeds commendably. Oliphint attempts to make Cornelius Van Til’s teachings more accessible.

May 21, Royce rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oliph Oliphint offers a solid introduction to presuppositional apologetics. All of creation all of humanity is in a covenantal relation to God, the creator. Those in unbelief are covenant breakers. Like other reviewers, I find this term much easier to understand and makes clear our covenantal relationship to God. There simply cannot be sufficient evidential propositions ad infinitum.


But this book is not for the faint of heart. Scott Oliphint is a very interesting and essential book. I have to be honest, I get lost in Van Til quotes and have never been able to convince myself to dive into his work. For example, the sample dialogue between a covenantal apologist and Daniel Dennett, an accomplished proponent of evolution chapter 6sheds much light on how an engagement with evolutionary theory should proceed.

Refresh and try again. Chapters one thro An Accessible Approach to Reformed Apologetics Although Oliphant characterizes his book as a translation of Apologeetics Til’s Reformed apologetics, it broadens the scope and makes it more accessible to a general audience. Particularly in this climactic incarnational condescension, which Oliphint discusses at length in chapter 2, God retains His full divinity, yet He is able to relate to His creation.

Particularly interesting was his chapter on persuas Oliphint provides a strong, accessible case for Christian apologetics rooted ccovenantal God’s revelation of himself. Apologetics is thought of by some to be an arcane discipline, and the Presuppositional brand of apologetics to be even more so. When we critique atheism and Christian skeptics, we covenanyal point out their own inconsistencies, rather than argue from “neutral” reason.

Presuppositional apologetics has had a difficult time breaking into the mainstream of Christian apologetics.

Covenantal Apologetics

Oliphint attempts wisely so imo to ditch the word “presuppositional” and use “covenantal” to describe the Van Tillian approach to Apologetics. Thus, every unbelieving position will necessarily have within it ideas, concepts, notions, and the like that it has taken and wrenched from their true, Christian context.

Our focus in the apologetic task is not to win arguments per se, cobenantal to persuade hearts and minds through the help and power of the Holy Spirit. Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith goes a long way towards taking this apologetic methodology and translating it into terms that is clear, understandable and highly practica Apologetics is thought of by apklogetics to be an arcane discipline, and the Presuppositional brand of apologetics to be even more so.


An attempt at persuasion which does not take into account these elements will not be successful. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Covenantal Apologetics : K. Scott Oliphint :

Originally posted in angelroman. In chapter 4, Oliphint describes his notion of apooogetics through what he terms the trivium of persuasion – a trivium a set of three subjectscomprised of ethospathosand logosthat encapsulates what “persuasion” is.

Oliphint brings a number of helpful insights to the table. If you’re looking for solid rationale behind proper biblical principles for apologetics, and a great defense of presuppositionalism, this book definitely has that. He should supplement the book by sharing videos of actual conversations. However, if the question is a bit more focused, matters become more complex.

He also has a great chapter on comparing PA to an Islamic position. This alone makes the book worth the read, but Oliphint loses much of the magic in translation.

As covenantal creatures we enjoy a sensus divinitatus, a “sense of the divine”. All three interactions are with high-caliber intellectuals, and are necessarily complex and philosophical.

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