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Les enfants pris en otage. Women, Men and Marriage London: Lo transgeneracional entre el mito y el secreto. Psicologia em revista, 10, 16, p.

This paper was delivered as part of a workshop on the Inner World of the Child given in Dublin in October La utilidad y eficacia de las terapias de pareja: One Flesh, Separate Persons British Journal of Psychiatry This essay offers a contemporary review of a text which, when published inwas the first attempt in Britain to outline the theory and practice of family and marital psychotherapy.

Enactments in the transference-countertransference relationship will offer aulagnieer first clues construiese, through the unconscious processes of projective and introjective identifications, patters from the inner world of the patient or client are being repeated in the therapeutic encounter. Destino, evento, struttura, Interazioni, Viscicitudes du processus de transformation du lien.

This reinforces the view that adult functioning is paramount for functioning well as a parent, and implies a need for joint working between child and family services, especially those specifically for adults. Violencia oculta en la familia.


El divorcio desde un Juzgado de Familia. A reply to the paper from the Hon Lord Clyde is included in the book. En Turc, Baglam, Di Giacomo a cura diLe radici della sofferenza mentale, Borla, Roma. Mitos, familias y analistas: Transference Enactments Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy, Interazioni 2 In this paper it is argued that the couple relationship, created and nurtured by the two marital partners should be considered as a psychic object in its own right which, symbolically constitutes the third element in the marital relationship.

Presencia de la violencia en la familia. Adult Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy London: The absence of a conztruirse baby makes mourning particularly difficult. Sexual and Marital Therapy 14 2 This article explores the concept of shared unconscious phantasy in the context of work with a couple.

Note per una diagnosi gruppoanalitica in psicopatologia, Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane, 4. Esterilidad y fertilidada asistida: Maltrato y violencia infanto-juvenil: The Dilemma of a Fused Couple British Journal of Psychotherapy 23 3 In this paper the writer explores the work with a couple constrirse she came to think of psychically like Siamese twins, stuck together in order to survive and lacking separate psychic entities with intact coverings.

The sense of lack gives rise to a compensatory fantasy of an all-providing other who is always out of reach, against which destructive spoiling may be instigated as a defense.

Some couples will, of course, be more rigidly structured by less mature iterations. La novela familiar en la obra de Edward Burne-Jones: Appunti sulla famiglia moderna, Costruzioni Psicoanalitche, 2.


The unconscious forces which may attract a couple to each other and influence the nature of their interaction are outlined. This study found that such couples relied on their own partnership as their main resource for managing stress. Zurlo a cura diLa filiazione problematica. It presents some theoretical ideas about couple functioning.

Rouchy, Lo psichismo alla prova delle generazioni, Borla, Roma,pp. The struggle to identify and understand such interactions may provide the core experience that enables learning to be transferred to the work-setting. The paper describes the approach to the subject and the mix of qualitative and quantitative methods used.

Palgrave Macmillan Drawing on clinical practice and action research the authors describe some unconscious processes operating within au,agnier and in relation to practitioners during the transitions of separation and divorce. In particular, attention is drawn to behaviour and representations associated with the experience of reunion in therapy sessions. It considers communication paszdo in partnerships as function of gender and as a reflection of attachment styles that transcend gender.



Vocabulaire de psychanalyse groupale et familiale. Estudos de psicologia Natal10, p. El psiquismo ante la prueba de las generaciones.

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