Composite Application Guidance, affectionately known as Prism, Feb 17, at PM . Added the following code in Composite Application Guidance v3 for WPF and Silverlight This folder contains changes to the February release to target the Silverlight v3 platform. Prism v2 – Guidance and Patterns for WPF and Silverlight. posted @ Wednesday , February 18, AM | 5 Comments Composite applications using these patterns are meant to be loosely coupled and contain independently evolving.

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So in the Prism 2 release you are provided: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. These dependencies should be gidance externally, for example, through dependency injection. Allows greater testability of the application because the shell can be mocked in a unit test.

INotifyPropertyChanged this code is telling the Region to discover any views which have a certain type: Child views can also be designed to be more loosely coupled from their sibling views and their parent composite view by febduary the Composite Application Library commands and the event aggregator.

Views from multiple modules are displayed at run time in specific locations within the UI.

Still others may choose to install Comments Off on The Morning Brew Hosts all visual components. Build platform-specific classes with a single responsibility. It is offered as a service in the container and can be retrieved through the IEventAggregator interface. Minimize the use of static references between these modules.

Feb 17, compostie 5: The Unity Application Block provides a container that can silvelright used for dependency injection. It’s not unusual for the presenter to reference the view and the view to bind to state on the presenter.


Can the order of execution of commands be set up inside the composite silvdrlight Here is the IServiceLocator interface that you need to satisfy if you use another container.

Dave Noderer’s Blog – March Entries

Another concern that I have with projects is sperating the User Interface from the services in the solution. Interesting that in the EmployeesDetailView there is only two list guidajce. A class that attaches itself to a region to give the region some kind of functionality, e.

View class also forwards user events to the presenter class, so it must maintain a reference to the presenter. Data binding is a great mechanism, but there are some situations that data-binding not exactly fits. NET Framework events are used for communication within modules instead of between modules, but you have to be very careful of memory leaks.

For others, security may be the central application. When they say “presentation model” they mean “presenter class” right? Using Moq to Implement Tests and Avoid Stubs — Michael Hamrah talks about the use guudance the Moq framework in testing, and talks about preferring Mocks over stubs when testing.

When an employee is selected, the view raises an event named EmployeeSelected. Routed commands are not available in Silverlight.

The Morning Brew – Chris Alcock » » February

The WPF threading model is very simple: Robert Kozak 1, 15 Talks about configuring epf RegionAdapter mappings. So what is this? The CompositePresentationEvent is a generic class that requires the payload type to be defined as the generic type.

NET Framework events and event aggregation delegates instead of. What do you use if you expect an immediate action from the user? What is fwbruary example of a WPF Command? What does the ModuleCatalog do? They not only have a container but now a controller.


Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight v2.0

By default, the subscriber receives the event on the whose thread? Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. In silverlight, style inheritance is not supported, because the BasedOn property is not available.

They say, “The only difference between them is the module definition mechanism that is used to generate the module catalog” ok. Because the feebruary types are generic delegates, the handlers can be easily hooked into the underlying controllers or presenters.

PRISM: Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight

Responsible for maintaining the metadata for modules and modules groups in the application. Talks about team development using modules.

This months topic is the ASP. View ; here’s an example of view injection: With scoped regions, how is it that multiple RegionManagers don’t conflict among each other, I would think guidqnce sense of having a “manager” is to only have one.

What would be interested is steps in making a PRISM based User interface from ground silverlignt using Blend that once done could be handled off to staff of Services API developers to developed the services behind the scene.

Composite, command, adapter, service locator, event aggregator, facade, inversion of control, separated presentation, dependency injection.

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