Citi Mortgage has time frames automatically set up for letter of authorizations to expire. This is currently set at 6 Months but if a homeowner so chooses to they. Workable SolutionsSM Financial Form. 1 of 1 rev 02/20/ CitiMortgage, Inc. does business as Citicorp Mortgage in MT and NM. LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION. Dear CitiMortgage Customer(s): In order for CitiMortgage, Inc. to discuss your mortgage loan with a third party, we must obtain a letter of authorization form.

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Ok, I spent years developing mortgage payment systems.


That same afternoon, I received a call from a Ms. It could trigger a well deserved audit of some type. This caused me to refinance; my loan was again sold to Citi.

This has been going on for 2 months now. I am trying to purchase another house and a perfect track record ends with a day late on my aughorization payment of the house. Is this their resolution, passing the mortgage on to another company when they were supposed to be working with me?

I have had my home mortgage with Citi Mortgage for years with no issues. Lftter even apologized that it took so long to review my information and stated that they were overwhelmed.

Citi Mortgage Letter of Authorization Time Period – Mortgage Lender Report

This is my home that they are messing with! Have no idea on how to get this straightened out. I faxed them front and back of the check and the phone calls stopped. I cannot get any answers from them about it, any details of what I am having to pay.

Ldtter now they have been on there for 2 years!


For the last year he has been making payments keeping it current. I called my credit union back and the best they could do was fax me a statement showing recent transactions.

Top Reviews and Complaints about CitiMortgage

If you all decide to file a class action suit ill tag along cuz i dont want to lose my home now that i worked so hard to get and im currently paying on time. Well I ask where are those homes why are people still living in trailers. I dont want to lose my dream home because of this bank and i hope that something is done about this.

Page 1 Reviews 1 – Febuary 18, 1: And by the way I know that all of this is very serious, but when everyone talks about the foreigners I am laughing my head off and knodding in agreement knowing what it is like. WE just had our mortgage sold to citimortgage 2 mo.

I pleaded with her for any kind of help or advice on what to do. Apparently no one can figure out how to go back 3 months ago and adjust my payment. I said I set them up through my bank so I have control of my own money and I still wanted an explanation for the returned payments. I told him, “Are you sure?

I was also charged with late payment fees, attornies fees — you name it!.

I took legal action against builder because I went on the banks explanation that loan was not funded due to builder not providing an occupancy certificate and so 3 plus years and countless amounts of money there is no resolution. I called them first to make sure I was handling it properly and it came directly off of principal. I got Erijit this time IJIT being the operative part of her namewho verified the account numbers and told me to add a memo to my payments with my name and citimlrtgage numbers.


I have just joined the Citimortgage nighmare — automated phone systems; lesst than non existent cust service; lies the whole thing. Absolutely no rep, executive etc…. My bank reversed the charges and only credited them for the amount of the check that I provided from my duplicate carbon copy.

I was also told that she could not tell me what credit companies CITI had reported me to and that it was my responsibility authrization send for credit reports and let Authroization know who they had reported me to. You get transferred back and forth between departments and end up getting no help.

Their customer service team are rude and incompetent to help with certain issues. The staff were friendly and the organizations policies were fair and not heavy handed. Well, now I am truely terrified after reading all of this.

They are holding an insurance check which they promised me 3 weeks ago. Citimortgage refuses to drop it, even after the broker told them I had declined it.

Citi Mortgage Letter of Authorization Time Period

I have had a problem with Citimortgage for the past couple of years with my escrow account. The person with whom I spoke on said that Citi Mortgage would contact First Horizon, which they should have done when I communicated with them in July.

If this was a cell phone or lettfr carrier, I would be long gone.

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