OBJETIVO: O presente artigo descreve os aspectos clínicos, radiológicos e histopatológicos de um caso extremamente raro de cisto periodontal lateral, bem . 1 ; 22(3): set-dez Cisto lateral: relato de caso Gracielle Rodrigues Tavares * Júlia Magalhães da Costa Lima * Sócrates Steffano da Silva Tavares. Diagnóstico e tratamento de cisto periodontal lateral: Purpose: Lateral periodontal cyst (LPC) is an uncommon type of odontogenic cyst of development.

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Both present predilection to the inferior canine and bicuspid region, as presented in the present case, and demonstrate epithelium with clear cells nodule 3 – 5. If you do More information. Mendes RA, van der Waal I. The effect on bone preservation Kazuto Makigusa 1 Abstract Histological analysis of the biological width surrounding primate More information.

Oropharyngeal neoplasia accounts for approximately. The effect on bone preservation Kazuto Makigusa 1 Abstract Histological analysis of the biological width surrounding primate.

Lateral periodontal cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral: relato de caso

Communication Task – Scenario 1 Your patient is 30 years old, and has presented today complaining of pain from the lower right posterior side. Shear M, Pindborg JJ. Disease classification, ideally provides a short, but comprehensive review of all known disease processes affecting a tissue or organ.

This paper presents a case report of this rare and polemic odontogenic cyst, contributing to the small number of publications of this pathology in the literature. Benefits and positive effects of orthodontic treatment Orthodontics: It is observed a radiolucent image, surrounded by a radiopaque line, located laterally to the root of a tooth with vitality Chbicheb et al ; Neville et al. Chapter 1 Chapter Tooth Formation Teeth develop from epithelial cells from the mucosal lining of the oral cavity and cranial neural crest-derived ectomesenchymal cells.

The intra-oral examination showed a discreet but consistent and hard swelling adjacent to the canine without alterations in the local mucosa. There were no signs of inflammatory process and, on palpation, it had a firm and painless consistency. In a research conducted by Formoso Senande et al. One of the most difficult decisions a restorative dentist has to make is when to refer a patient for extraction and placement of dental implants. LPC is asymptomatic, whereas most botryoid cysts may have symptoms, perhaps due to their larger size 2.


The lesion was hemisectioned presenting a cavity and the same macroscopic characteristics mentioned in its interior. Coding and Payment Guide for Dental Services A comprehensive coding, billing, and reimbursement resource for dental services Contents Introduction The histopathological findings showed a capsule of a thin fibrous connective tissue 1 to 5 layers of cellswithout inflammation, with foci of clear cells rich in glycogen Lima et al.

LateraL periodontaL cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral

Why does my dog s breath smell so bad? The surface needs to be aligned with the More information. Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common tumor More information. Rev Fac Odontol Porto Alegre jul; 43 1: Lee 3 1 National. The case reported reveals that the extremely rare botryoid variant of lateral periodontal cyst exhibits multilocular presentation and excessive growth. An unusual clinicoradiographic presentation of a lateral periodontal cyst–report of two cases.

In this case, however, the patient sought dental care due to increased volume in the affected area, although she does not feel pain. Residency Competency and Proficiency Statements 1. Radiographic features of benign tumors of jaws M. The patient continues in follow-up in case of any recurrence is observed.

If you think putting up with dog breath is just part of owning a dog, think again. Description of the Case A year-old male patient, mulatto, sought the Stomatology Clinic of the Caruaru Dental School Brazil with a complaint of increased volume on the right side of his face for approximately five years, having emerged with no apparent cause. The histopathologic characteristics of the BOC are quite similar to the LPC, differing only in the multilocular aspect.


In these studies, recurrence is observed around ten years after enucleation.

Presence of separation of the epithelium of the subjacent connective tissue, resulting in a crack, and thickened epithelium or “signs” that sometimes produce mural protuberances or intraluminal protusions Carter et al. Coding and Payment Guide for Dental Services. List of individual modules Basic Module 1 Basic principles of general and peripdontal medicine More information. Conclusions The case reported here reveals that the extremely rare botryoid variant of lateral periodontal cyst exhibits multilocular presentation and excessive growth.

Lsteral procedure should be performed with due caution so as not to damage the adjacent root structure and to reduce the risk of recurrence 4. Enucleation was performed with no serious complications.


Microscopic features of the lateral periodontal cyst. During surgery, strong adhesion of the cystic capsule to the canine root was observed.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Other lwteral suggest the possibility of this lesion represent a variation of the lateral periodontal cyst LPCpromoting discussion and doubt among authors. Campos are assistant professors.

The features of a lateral periodontal cyst can be easily confused with a odontogenic keratocyst developing between roots or a more lateral radicular cyst. A histopathological and radiographic study of 32 cases.

While traditional dental extraction techniques encourage minimal trauma, luxated elevation and forceps More information. Figure 4 – The lumen of the cavity is filled by red blood cells and peeled epithelial cells. Appropriate soft tissue closure represents a critical Periosteoplasty for Soft Tissue Closure and Augmentation in Preprosthetic Surgery:

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