Cinnamomum tamala. Lauraceae. Nees & Eberm. LOCAL NAMES. Bengali ( tejpat,tamala); English (Indian cassia lignea); Gujarati. (tejpat,tamalapatra); Tamil . Tejpatra- Cinnamomum tamala is an ayurvedic herb mentioned for the treatment of bad odor from mouth, black spots on the face, dental caries. Descriptions and articles about the Indian Bark, scientifically known as Cinnamomum tamala as classified by Extant & Habitat resource in the Encyclopedia of.

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A good article on Yuccas, one on Sagebrush Artemesia spp and another on Chaerophyllum bulbosum.

This page was last modified on 19 Octoberat Small tree with lots of young growth Photograph by: Yes User-reported Part s of the plant used in the food preparations Bark, Leaves Details of use in food preparations [[Food use description:: Editor Publisher Thompson and Morgan. The word mala or malaya means “mountain” in the Tamil and Malayalam languages, as also in Sanskrit.

Pedicels filiform, mm long.

Lists and related topics Lists of herbs and spices. Used all over India for cooking. Cinnamomum reinwardtii Nees Cinnamomum veitchii Lukman. Parameter Value s References See complete references in the References section at the end Is this plant cultivated commercially in India?

Leaves sub-opposite or spirally arranged, chartaceous to sub-coriaceous, glabrous in mature specimens, ovate, oblong to lanceolate, 2. Pubmed Word cloud This word cloud is obtained using cnnamomum tool LigerCat by searching the Pubmed database. The name tries to highlight the intense flavoring conferred by the leaf, which is added to Indian dishes as a spice. They are often labeled as “Indian bay leaves ,” icnnamomum just “bay leaf”, causing confusion with the leaf from the bay laurela tree of Mediterranean origin in a different genus; the appearance and aroma of the two are quite different.


Click on a term to access the full LigerCat cloud, with live PubMed search capabilities. Retrieved from ” https: There are five types of cinnamomhm leaves [6] and they impart a strong cassia- or cinnamon-like aroma to dishes, while the bay laurel cunnamomum aroma is more reminiscent of pine and lemon. Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 3 July Fruit slender, ellipsoid, acutish, up to 7 x 11 mm; cup obconical, fleshy, up to 5 mm high and 7 mm in diameter at the rim, the basal part obconical, merging into the, up to 8 mm long, obconical pedicel; mm long basal part of the tepals in fruit hardened, persistent.

Cinnamomum tamala or Indian Bark cinnamomumm a commonly used plant known by the name Tejpatta in India. Stamens slightly shorter than the tepals; anthers oval, c.

Parameter Value s References See complete references in the References section at the end General types of ailments this species is used for treating Infectious diseases, Common ailments, Systemic disorders Specific ailments for which the species is used Medicinal systems which use this plant AyurvedaFolk Medicine Details of Medicinal use Leaf extracts have been shown to have lipid-reducing and blood-sugar reducing actions. Details of the clinical studies related to the plant species.



Cinnamomum tamala – Useful Tropical Plants

The leaves are an important component of Garam Tama,a. Gauravm States where this plant is cultivated commercially Best period for planting this plant Best period for harvesting this plant Method of propagation Water requirement of this plant Pests and Diseases affecting this plant during cultivation Other considerations while cultivating this plant.

Based on classification More details can be found in the Binomial Classification section. Retrieved 29 June Cinnamomum albiflorum Nees Cinnamomum lindleyi Lukman. Last cinnamomuj on They diversified enormously during the Lower Cretaceous and became widespread around million years ago, but replaced conifers as the dominant trees only around million years ago.

Style thickish, as long as the ovary; stigma small, peltate.

Cinnamomum Tamala Or Tej Patta Plant Bey Leaf plant

Other plants of the same family having medicinal use: Each term’s relative size indicates how many times it appears in the PubMed search results. Tepals oblong, mm, inside ccinnamomum. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Is a constituent of Chyawanprash. AyurvedaFolk Medicine. Wikispecies has information related to Cinnamomum tamala. Culinary Australian Bangladeshi Indian Pakistani. A small tree in dense growth with other plants Photograph by: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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