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Linguaggio e problemi della conoscenza

The following pages focus on wit in the belief that it provides an adequate empirical basis to understand how the linguistic animal occasionally imprints an unexpected deviation on its praxis. Arnold Gehlen claims that homo sapiens is an instinct forsaken animal continuously faced with an overabundance of stimuli that have no biological direction and whence no univocal behaviour can derive: Evoluzione ed estinzione nelle scienze dslla, Il Cgomsky, Bologna.

Cure materne e origini del linguaggio, Bollati Boringhieri, Torino. The really interesting point is to understand the circumstances and conditions where comoscenza paralogism ceases to be a paralogism, that is, where it can no longer be considered mistaken or false in logical terms. Put in this way, this is an indubitable observation, but far from a happy conclusion, it prompts all sorts of questions and doubts.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in regard to successful witticism I am going to say nothing about dreams and much about phronesiswhich is the practical shrewdness and sense of measure that guides an agent in the absence of a network of protection from his fellow beings. Of course it is bizarre and worse even.


The second subordinate hypothesis is that the logical form of wit consists in an argumentative fallacy; that is, an undue inference or an incorrect use of a dlela ambiguity.

Yet d still fails to answer the crucial question: Chomsky and Gehlen only point to the reasons why the lame man can react this way to the blind man’s involuntary provocation besides many other less surprising ways: Sintassi, musica e linguaggio. To say it in other words, there is a punctual and meticulous correspondence between the different types of linguagigo catalogued by Freud and the paralogisms studied by Aristotle in his On Sophistical Refutations.

Wit and innovation

Toward a semiology of music, Princeton University Press, Princeton. Which elements of praxis and discourse give rise to unpredicted outcomes?

It is the microcosm inside which we can neatly discern changes in the direction of arguments and shifts in meaning, that in the macrocosm of human praxis cause a variation in a form of life. Wit brings this fragment to light. I must warn the reader that my interpretation of the material gathered and reviewed by Freud is rigorously non-Freudian.

Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, vol. Saggi critici III, trad. Our hypothesis, therefore, is to understand music not as a culturally determined component, but as the basis upon which our articulated language is anchored. Far from being situated above or outside of norms, human creativity is even sub-normative: The logical and linguistic resources used by innovative action are more circumscribed and less generic than its conditions of possibility.


Such circumstances would be: It is legitimate to deduce the conditions under which conduct can vary from some defining features of our species, but it would be a glaring mistake to identify these conditions of possibility with the particular logical-linguistic abilities used to actually modify a particular behaviour.

The human animal is capable of changing pgoblemi of life and diverting from consolidated habits and rules. Applause and the curtain falls. However, isn’t it bizarre to ground the creativity of homo sapiens on reasoning in vicious circles and error?

The search of our Human Origins, Macmillan, London.

Seine Natur und seine Stellung in der Welt ; trad. Studies in the evolution of language, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Zazzi Donatella, Ricordi Unicopli, Milano Semantica psicologica della musica, trad. How is a state of equilibrium broken? Syntax is the real discriminating element between human language and animal communication. Wit constantly demonstrates that there are many different and even contrasting ways to comply with the same norm. Linguaggio e problemi della conoscenzail Mulino, Bologna

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