An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy. In the course of this hilariously honest boo. An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy—sure to be one of the most controversial bo. The self-absorbed narrator continually looks for (and finds) sex but is terrified, if not emasculated, by the prospect of love.

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Is it that people or at least the readers of that specific site don’t actually want the truth when it comes to sex? I didn’t hate it either, but I couldn’t stop reading it. I didn’t even realize until writing this review that the narrator is never given a name, and that’s just so powerful to me. This is called The Average American Male, so one may read it literally and decide, “yeah, this is how guys think.

Americam me, it was really refreshing. He finds another girlfriend and eventually kind of decides to get married.

The Average American Male

The novels’ success eventually had to be recognized by mainstream media. And it’s a good sign when americann like Girlswhich is possibly the most honest show on television — certainly about sex, and also about a wide variety of other ameican — wins Golden Globes.

Despite the success of the pilot internally, a perfectly timed regime change at VH1 left Chad with nothing but DVD of the night’s events and the paragraph you just read for his troubles.

They are both pointing out the same thing, and shocking us to the knowledge.

The book is mostly about sex and has almost but not quite the same feel as a Nicholson Baker in the 90s. Whenever Casey’s mother came into the picture, yes. Do you think that he could read in to it, fi I’m curious about your opinion concerning brilliant people. You get your hopes up and have them torn down – because Kultgen just doesn’t do happy ending.

Trivia About The Average Ameri The book is set in L. The ensemble of the book seems haphazard, but all relate to the main character’s belief that “There is nothing better. Shows like The Bachelor which is a guilty pleasure, but also an example of everything that’s wrong with how mainstream media deals with relationships and sexuality will have klutgen update or die.


Basically, it’s about this guy, with some unimportant job that he goes out of his way to not disclose to the reader, or anyone else for that matter, who loves jacking off to internet porn and fantasies about girls he sees at the mall, and he’s got a girlfriend, but she sucks, so he breaks up americcan her, but then in the end it turns out all girls are exactly the same so whatevs.

All other aspects of the relationships he has with women are simply stumbling blocks, hoops to jump through, in order to secure the final goal.

The Average American Male (Average American, book 1) by Chad Kultgen

I didn’t love this book. This book read like one of those late-night television shows that you watch because nothing else is on, and then, much to your amazement, you actually start to like it. Nonetheless, I stomp the brakes whenever traffic allows, reasoning that it only takes one good one to bust the fetus loose. Aug 31, Angus McKeogh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now let me start off by saying that no, I am not an obnoxious jughead frat brother.

It might be true, but it hardly describes him. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But I think honesty, always rare in the media, is a trend that’s becoming more and more valuable to consumers of all kinds. He spends most of the fhad chasing that woman on the airplane, Alyna, while basically running from his long-term girlfriend, Casey.

Discuss it with your partners. This guy disgusted me. Do you think that he could read in to it, find some theme, some thread, something that shows, through careful explication, some real depth and artistry? No trivia or quizzes yet. Instead, he writes like Tucker Max’s inbred cousin, lustily using naughty words in a flippant manner to make himself seem edgy, but it all ends up having the opposite effect.

That’s why there are so many bad r The book is good and you won’t like it. Not because I read it and thought “wow, somebody out there actually thinks like I do,” but because I read it and thought, “shit. But -paradoxical feelings time- that’s the point. Finally, why is this an average American guy thing and why doesn’t this book just be about mental illness instead? Return to Book Page.


You Can’t Handle the Truth

In this way he allows himself to klutgen manipulated, and is somehow forever coming out unhappy. I mean, I’m not saying I’m brilliant, I’m just wondering if there’s someone out there who is who can tell me “what you’ve gleaned re: Whether this war is obvious, or being waged beneath the surface, is a question that different ages must answer differently.

By extricating this one important aspect of the typical male thought process, the author allows us to examine it in detail, like a bug beneath a magnifying glass.

With those marching orders, I sat down and aevrage out an article that outlined what I think most people already know. I don’t perse think that’s what this book was trying to do, but I found that by the end of the book, there was a lot to be said about the life a person lives when they only want to be americsn women for their bodies and ameeican any sort of emotional bond.

Features most of the worst misogyny I’ve ever encountered and usually complaints like that are nonsense. And this book delivered.

K seems to feel more keenly the artist’s doom. Average American Male sucks.

I’ve learned in life and I’ve learned from this book just to communicate, and be prepared to cut your losses if she’s not the right woman.

Any page, I guarantee, will yield similar results. Act like you have thumbs.

Some people will tell you that there’s no time in one’s life to read a book you don’t love. From the barrage of graphic sexual fantasies to the over simplified, one word descriptors he gives to the characters he meets, Kultgen’s main character lays out all the awful, blunt thoughts chzd we all keep inside. Nothing of this nature whatsoever. Kultgen’s sex-filled stream of consciousness style is completely unfiltered and painfully honest.

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