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Cotype in Type Collection drawer Specimens without any markings were found above the timberline m feeding on pollen of Helianthemum sp. Micropterix cataloo Northern and central Europe Frey, H.

Idee reagalo per lui e per la casa. Both the dendrogram and the results of PCA indicated a clear differentiation between the Catalobo and Karst regions.

Also very similar and therefore externally not distinguishable is a form without markings of Micropterix sicanella Zeller, f.

Carrello Non hai articoli nel carrello. Micropterix of Northern and central Europe and its relatives, both clasping structures Cqtalogo. Pierre Viette, Paris; Dr. The biotope preferences of most species have been insufficiently studied so far, but a certain constancy of soil humidity seems to be necessary for the development of the larvae, which are apparently usually detritus-living or subterranean.

Universal patch is the mostly ever used in daily repairing of tyres, quick to apply and cheap, it allows a permanent repairing of very high quality and safety. Genotypes of the different indi- viduals were scored according to their enzyme pattern. Lepidoptera Britannica, sistens digestionem novam insectorum lepidopterorum quae in Magna Britannia reperiuntur, lavarum pabulo, temporeque pascendi; expansione alarum; mensibus- que volandi; synonymis atque locis observationibusque variis.

The method relies on the assumption that only one sper- matophore is transferred during each copulation for criticisms, see Cordero Andreas Segerer, Munich; Dr. Beitrag zur Landesfauna Lepidoptera. Scope, Palette e Imcn. In the Alpes Maritimes we have found a form of M.


Full text of “Ueber theater und musik. Historisch-kritische studien”

Uncus moderately long, somewhat stout, a long tuft of hair-like se- tae ventrally beyond the uncus; accessory claspers moderately long, about four nearly Y- or T-shaped and moderately long and thickened setae at the tip; the posterior margin of the accessory claspers slightly bent outwards bearing some longer spinoid setae ; at the lower end of the posterior margin a small separated lobe, also with one or two longer spinoid setae; another two longer spinoid setae in the middle of the accessory claspers, distinctly behind the inner margin and in line with the Y- or T-shaped thick- Zeller-Lukashort et al.: Darenth wood Great Britain.

Descriptions of new species of Lepidoptera collected by the late Dr F.

Later they are taken to ant nests. The paratypes of M. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Lame a nastro per legno. This suggests that the size of the Omc populations has decreased recently, i.

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It occurs in open tundra habitats, but is also found in co- niferous and mixed forests. Micropterix adults in their natural habitat. Indeed, in fresh specimens or specimens that have been macerated with potassium hydroxide, the cerata of a number of species can be moved laterally. For taxonomical studies it may be necessary to remove the sclerotized parts and the phallus, to choose another position than the lateral one or to squeeze the genitalia especially when investigating the spinoid thickened setae of the accessory claspers.

Satoshi Hashimoto, Japan; Dr. Analysis of molecular variance inferred from metric distances among DNA haplotypes: Following Heath this species occurs with cer- tainty also in Hungary and Czech Republic. From our analysis we can see that P. The larvae have been found in the strongly mycorrhizal leaf litter of bilberry plants and of oak and beech woodland Carter and Dugdale, In this paper, we focus on wing pattern and comparative features of abdominal sclerites and genitalia of Palaearctic species.


Uncus short, stout, with a small tip; accessory claspers with a lower row of shorter spinoid setae, partly bent at the end, and an upper row of strongly modi- fied Y-shaped thickened setae; valvae long, constricted medially, with probably two longer and some shorter, basal setae at the inner surface; two irregular rows of shorter spinoid setae and a row of longer setae at the distal third of the inner surface and many small spinoid setae at the tip of the valvae.

Moist meadow with Oomcn sp. Evidence from population genetics. Mole- cular phylogeny of Micropterigidae Lepidoptera. Scales were removed from abdomens with help of fine brushes, the organs were stained with a weak solu- tion of Chlorazol Black, and prepared following routine techniques Hardwick Details of sclerotized parts have been added to the drawings using permanent preparations.

Morphology of preimaginal stages Heath ; Hashimoto Mester in the electrophoretic work cztalogo very much respected. Database of the Flora Europaea.

There are 1 1 currently recognized genera in the family including those recently described by Hashimotobut dis- regarding undescribed genera of which a number will be needed to render Sabatinca Walker, monophyletic.

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