DIGITAL COMPASS WITH ALTIMETER. Instruction Manual. 1. Introduction. Features: Altimeter (m, feet). Digital compass. Barometric pressure (hPa, inHg. Manual gearbox. MAN/TEN: Manual tensioner .. Caja de cambios manual CIELO. 8V. – 97 A -PAS. +V/BLT. AVX10 +P-V/BLT. 5PK Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS Vezi intreaga gama de fiare de calcat.

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daewoo cielo green used – Search for your used car on the parking

If the saw blade vibrates, replace AE the armature. Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic ran Go to Step 10 Go to Step 2 and passed?

Make sure that the clip is parallel to the fuel injector harness connector. Offer free free par mois Offer premium 9.

The radiator still contains a substantial amount of coolant. Check the HO2S 2 high circuit for continuity and — — repair as necessary. Secure the overflow hoses to the surge tank with the hose clamps.


For vehicles with an internal generator fan, remove the drive end frame and the fan. The readings are explained in the follow.

Daewoo CIELO EURO III Manual

Are any DTCs displayed that have not been diag- — Go to cieo nosed? The history DTC will clear after 40 consecutive warm- up cycles in which the diagnostic runs without a fault. Disconnect the throttle cable at the throttle body and the intake manifold. Perform the Fuel Injector Balance Test. Install the exhaust manifold nuts. Plastic gauging is available for different tolerance ranges. Connect the overflow hoses to the surge tank.

Test the compression pressure for each cylinder. System Cartr Are all checks and corrections complete?

Check the ACP sensor 5 volt reference circuit for an open or short twhnica ground. Install the alternator adjusting bracket and the bolts. Disconnect the fuel return line at the fuel pressure regulator.

Remove the flywheel bolts. Tighten the spark plugs to 25 N m 18 lb-ft. Check the engine control module ECM electrical connector for poor — connections and repair as necessary. Tehnia the crankshaft rear oil seal.


Go to Step 5 Go to Step 10 Do the cooling fans run at low speed? Remove the driver from the timing belt automatic tensioner. Page — — 2. Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic has Go to Step 9 Go to Step 2 run and passed? Ex- cessive force may damage threads in the exhaust man- ifold. Is the test light on? Tighten Tighten the exhaust manifold nuts to 25 N m 18 lb-ft. Go to Step 10 Go to Step 8 Is the repair complete?

Page 96 Tighten the spark plugs to 25 N m 18 lb-ft. D The ECM will record operating conditions at the fore must be replaced. Remove the right front wheel. The angle at the valve face angle is 46 degrees. Remove the air intake tube from the throttle body and the air filter housing.

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