So, I returned for my second outing as a DM tonight by introducing my group to the Haunting of Harrowstone. I was slightly worried going in – my. This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path launches the Carrion Crown Adventure Path and includes: “The Haunting of Harrowstone,” a Pathfinder RPG. Given the logic of the scenario, disregarding what RAW would say, I would say yes, and yes. Yes, because an “undead” spirit is haunting the.

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The town folk walk away, and an unnecessary fight was prevented. Filter 1st Edition content.

They enter cautiously, and discover the opened coffin at the rear of the crowm. But all my players had a blast, and they are very much looking forward to our next session. The party agrees to stay in town to help Kendra.

Key piece of advice if you haven’t planned for it yet is to work in the big bad earlier, I had him pop up in book 2 and get mentioned a couple of times in book 3 as a sideline character that the party interacted with or less positively so his reveal as the bad guy had a little more oomph and personal connections for them. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Posts not related to Pathfinder are subject huanting removal at the mods’ discretion.

After Kendra goes to bed, the party opens up the professor’s trunk and examine the books he left for them to deliver. As they exit the temple, they run into Pevrin, who has taken up the job of town crier.


The party returns to Kendra’s house and are treated with a hot meal, and try their best to keep Kendra’s spirits up by making her laugh and tell stories about some of the things her father had done for them. The party goes to the temple of pharasma to talk to Father Grimburrow. The next day, they are treated to an amazing breakfast by Kendra, who seems to be in a better mood now that she’s had a good night’s carroon.

Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast.


Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Called it a night after this scene happened. Strange Aeons Part 5 of 6: The party is somber and respectful during the funeral, and they console Kendra, the Professor’s daughter, and a few even haknting her by honoring her father with speeches about how they knew him.

However, tonight I donned the DM hat for the second time, and I went in fully prepared. Strange Aeons Part 6 of 6: The sun is beginning to set, and as they march back through the Deadlands, the halfling Saxal sees a tombstone with his name on it, but after freaking out and calling his teammates over, the name on the tombstone is something completely different.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. She asks them how their search is going, at which point the monk reveals the details about his bloody dream. Submit a new link. He tells them to be careful, and to not walk around after nightfall. He decides not to share rcown information with the party.


The monk and the oracle decide they want to wash themselves up before going to bed themselves. The halfling picks it up and proceeds to punt it out the front door, just in time for Kendra to reappear, visibly shaken and her face frozen in terror.

5E Carrion Crown, Haunting of Harrowstone: Conversion to 5e

Saxal asks the father for permission to check out the crypt that the professor went to check out, and he gives it to them. He leads the party to the Harrowstone memorial, where they are treated to a horrific site.

So here’s the recap: And the extra work paid off greatly. Haunting of Harrowstone was probably the best book carroon that AP. Book ratings by Goodreads.

First Session of Carrion Crown – Haunting of Harrowstone, wentgreat! : Pathfinder_RPG

The father thanks them for giving such moving speeches the day before, and warns them that he feels something terrible is happening around town. It doesn’t take much effort and the zombie’s head is freed from it’s body with a satisfying snap. Submit a new text post.

So, Carrionn returned for my second outing as a DM tonight by introducing my group to the Haunting of Harrowstone.

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