Mahogany is a kind of wood—the straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical Honduran or big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), with a range from Mexico to southern Amazonia in Brazil, under British control (French colonists used the term acajou, while in the Spanish territories it was called caoba). Diagnóstico de la caoba (Swietenia macrophylla King) en Mesoamérica Visión general. Technical Report (PDF Available) · January with. Find technical and marketing information for lesser-used tropical timber species, LUS. Learn more on our Mahogany, Caoba, Mara (Swietenia macrophylla).

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Each fruit contains 71 winged seeds, 7 to 12 cm long. Hispaniola also called Spanish or Santo Domingo mahogany was the wood of choice for high quality work.

When transported to Jamaica as slaves, they gave the same name to the similar trees swietenai saw there.

Big-leaf Mahogany | WWF

Deforestation and the Crisis of Global Governance Routledge,p. What are the main threats? This wood is also called Lauan or Meranti. This was the result of the Free Ports Act, which opened Kingston and other designated Jamaican ports to foreign swietena for the first time. Swietenia macrophylla Conservation status.

In Venezuela a tendency to collapse cwoba twist is also reported. Substitute Species The following African species are also known as Mahogany: The first Honduras mahogany arrived in Kingston, Jamaica, in Novemberand the first shipments arrived in Britain the following year. Flooring 14 – Handbook of Hardwoods.

Inside the Maya Forest. Slow drying is recommended. The species is also known under other common namesincluding bastard mahogany, [7] broad-leaved mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, large-leaved mahogany, genuine mahogany, tropical American mahogany, and sky fruit, among others.



A truly majestic evergreen tree

It has high durability, and is resistant to brown and white rot fungi. While information on mahogany inventories and status is macrophglla, there is evidence of sharp population declines and increased fragmentation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Staining The wood takes stains well. It has excellent workability, and is very durable. General Housing 10 – Silica in Timbers. Despite international protection, big-leaf mahogany is still being plundered at an unsustainable rate.

Turning 30 – Embassy of Honduras in Japan.

During the occupation of Havana by British forces between August and Julyquantities of Cuban or Havanna mahogany were sent to Britain, and after the city was restored to Spain inCuba continued to export small quantities, mostly to ports on the north coast of Jamaica, from where it went to Britain. Cabinet 24 – Empire Timbers.

Honduras mahogany was relatively cheap, plentiful, but rarely of the best quality. Retrieved December 12, Simple perforatio Axial parenchyma in marginal or in seemingly marginal bands. Besides forest conversion for other land uses such as agriculture, illegal logging and unregulated trade pose major threats to populations of this species, potentially exhausting commercial supplies of this valuable timber in the future.

Guitar World Presents Guitar Gear Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on January 11, Poulsenia armata, Pterocarpus officinalis y Ficus werckleana. How you can help.

The most abundant species, S. Steps 17 – Tree Conservation Database. There are sawmills in the municipality, which cut up to some trees every day. Revised historic distribution of mahogany in South America based on expert surveys. Polishing The wood polishes rather well.

Tangential diameter of vessel lumina to micras medium. Luster The surface of the wood is naturally high in swieteniq. Porcher October 7, In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Species of Swietenia cross-fertilise readily when they grow in proximity; macroophylla hybrid between S. Until the 19th century all of the mahogany was regarded as one species, although varying in quality and character according to soil and climate.


A cross in the Cathedral at Santo Domingobearing the dateis said to be mahogany, and Phillip II of Spain apparently used the wood swietennia the interior joinery of the Escorial Palace, begun in A truly majestic evergreen tree. Such was the enthusiasm of the cutters that within a few years the European market was glutted, and the price of logwood collapsed. Specific gravity of mahogany is 0.

Loss of habitat for species The big-leaf mahogany forests are an important habitat for caboa species including the endangered macrpphylla otter Pteronura brasiliensis. Retrieved from ” https: Historic distribution of mahogany from Mexico to southeastern Amazonia according to Lamb The wood first came to the notice of Europeans with the beginning of Spanish colonisation in the Americas.

Moderate warping and surface checking.

Caobaa most important new development was the beginning of large scale logging in Mexico from the s. This article is about the timber. Coppicing Forest farming Forest gardening Logging Manufacturing lumber plywood pulp and paper sawmilling Products biochar biomass charcoal non-timber palm oil rayon rubber tanbark Rail transport Tree farm Christmas trees Wood engineered fuel mahogany teak Woodworking.

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