and Gellner never settled on a definition of populism (Taggart. ), which Margaret Canovan’s Populism () comes up with a typology. Populism by Margaret Canovan, , Harcourt Brace Jovanovich edition, in English – 1st ed. Populism and the Two Faces of Democracy. Margaret Canovan Abstract. Populism, understood as an appeal to ‘the people’ against both the.

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Guidelines for concept analysis. First, the more its properties, the larger the number of operations we must undergo for verifying the concept.

And so conceptual ambiguity about populism became inherent in its empirical and theoretical study. This approach is beset with problems. Finally, at least from the liberal democratic point of view, the herein-proposed definition of populism is endowed with strong normative determinacy since it clearly posits this phenomenon as the chief foe of contemporary liberal democracy.

With the expansion of interest in populism and the proliferation of studies on this phenomenon, we are currently endowed with increasing amounts of empirical research and survey data, most of which, however, has been accumulated in indiscriminate and rather haphazard ways. Nor is technocratic elitism inherently inimical to populism. Third, there was a renewed interest in the discourse patterns used by populist leaders and their usages in politically incorporating the masses.

This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat Conceptualizing populism, and using it for cross-area comparisons, I submit, has suffered from at least 10 drawbacks that often recur in our study of populist phenomena and, in this degree or another, cause methodological pitfalls.


Based on the view that populism is characterized by a set of attributes that are necessary to pin down both its identity and functions, most conceptualizations of populism are essentialist. That being so, and by taking canoovan reconceptualizing effort only one little but brave step further, we eventually achieve a truly minimal definition that understands contemporary populism simply as democratic illiberalism Pappas,ab.

Margaret Canovan

To sum up and conclude this article, my initial intent has been to provide a concise overview of how the study of populism has grown—rather extravagantly—during recent decades; to identify the major methodological pitfalls that have troubled comparative empirical research; and, finally, to propose a most minimal definition for the further study of populism in the context of contemporary democratic politics.

A related problem in this respect concerns case selection bias. Acta Politica, vol. European Journal of Political Research, vol. The situation is made worse with the accumulation of several such features and other properties, which moreover lack theoretical elaboration.

Third World Quarterly24 6— When treated along a continuum, populism cannot be separated from nonpopulism. Keeping such difficulties in mind, here is the golden rule that we must follow when engaging in reconceptualization: Retrieved from ” https: Government and Opposition39 4— Such a conception points to two clear cleavage lines that may open up in modern politics and which are essential for further understanding the populist phenomenon: I shall return to this problem after having discussed in the following section 10 conceptual and methodological shortcomings that often have troubled our efforts to unravel the riddle of populism.


Populism – Margaret Canovan – Google Books

Despite its relatively good match between concept intension and research extension, the problem with this wave of scholarship on populism has been its lack of comparability potential. Comparative Political Studies42 8— The Case of Colombia.

Journal of Democracy24 333— Popular understandings of populism as conveyed by the print media: Still, any definition of populism, for making the notion cxnovan, must be such that it excludes nonpopulism. The thin ideology of populism. This article offers a synopsis of previous scientific breakthroughs in the study of populism, points to common conceptual and methodological pitfalls, and proposes a novel understanding of modern populism. And when canovxn charismatic leadership obtain? The first and most influential one defines populism as a “thin-centred ideology” based on a positive appreciation of “the pure people”, a negative view of “the corrupt elite”, and the exaltation of untrammelled “popular sovereignty” against representative democracy and liberal constitutionalism.

An even more recent area of growing interest poppulism using survey data to measure populist attitudes at the mass social level e.

West European Politics, vol. A framework for analyzing its contexts, mechanics, and outcomes.

Populism and the two faces of democracy. Comparative Politics31 4— American Political Science Review64 4— The spectre of Western European democracy pp.

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