Mesmerized (Hqn) [Candace Camp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Candace Camp. Mesmerized · Add To Cart. Mesmerized. From the Publisher. Her Cross To Bear. All her life, Olivia Moreland has denied her clairvoyant. Mira, Oct , , pp. ISBN: In Olivia Moreland works at exposing hoaxes that prey on the grieving who desperately want to.

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I can only assume that the cadace is not aware of this fact. Was it just their imprint? One xamp seven siblings, she is not one to hide behind her gender or social status when faced with difficult mesmeerized. Blackhope Hall has secrets dating back hundreds of years, and when Stephen and Olivia both start seeing visions from the past—visions where they are living the lives of a pair of star-crossed lovers—the skeptical pair start to question if the supernatural world really exists.

And even after they’d gotten together, Olivia kept thinking nonsense about how Stephen didn’t really love her that I’m afraid I couldn’t even follow, let alone believe. Stephen met her and fell in love at least he thought it was love and then when candacce proudly introduced her to his family, she promptly went after his brother because he had the wealth and title.

No need to literally tell the readers everything. Who is responsible for his brother’s untimely death—a dark spirit or the psychic who claims to have channeled it? Your email address will not be published. Leger who thinks Olivia is working for the medium. I think my stars are only for the paranormal side, I kinda enjoyed them. The last mesmeriized he’d lived in Blackhope Hall, Stephen had watched as his elder brother claimed both the family title and the woman he loved.

Due to variances in postal delivery services we cannot guarantee processing time, but your parcel will usually arrive within 14 working days of your order. It just was not done, and would have completely ruined her mesnerized. We do earn a small commission on links to Amazon. As might be expected, it fails as both, and is therefore disappointing and strange. Once he learns what she actually does, Stephen invites Olivia to his estate, named Blackhope, to help him prove to his mother that the medium she believes is contacting her dead son is in fact a fraud only after their money and a fabled mesmerizrd Treasure” hidden within the estate, of which only Stephen knows how to access.


Jan 01, Debra Martin rated it liked it. The psychic mesmerizedd to not be so fake after all? The story started perfectly. Modern Romance January Books May 30, Kari Maass rated it it was amazing. This engaging Victorian romance will please readers who appreciate a spunky young woman, a hunk of a hero, a touch of the supernatural perhaps and a pinch of suspense.

At the end of the season, he heads to London to pick up his mother, sister, and his brother’s widow and return them home. I’ve never read anything quite like this before – historical romance, with a solid haunted house plot to boot! Preview — Mesmerized by Candace Camp. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, if you would like to have specific items shipped to different addresses, please place each order separately.

What he finds when he arrives is chaos.

Mesmerized (The Mad Morelands, #1) by Candace Camp

I am definitely going to continue with this series. Olivia Moreland is the daughter of a duke. She has a vision upon arrival mesmeirzed of the Morelands seem to have some special ability and she is shocked.

I also found the ending to be too neatly resolved, too quickly resolved, and a frustratingly lacking in detail around how and why it all happened in the first place. I really liked both Olivia and Stephen, and I enjoyed the clever way supernatural phenomena were used to combine a historical tragedy with present-day happenings.

They would rehash it first in their minds and then speak it or sometimes vice versa. Stephen and Roderick had harsh, hurtful words and Stephen left for America.

Review: Mesmerized by Candace Camp

I received a complimentary copy from the author for my unbiased opinion. I also found it highly unlikely that as “peculiar” or “forward thinking” as her family might have been, that she would have been allowed to attend a “house party” of a man she barely knew without a chaperone.


To begin with, some of the phrases used seemed entirely too modern to have been set in the time period. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There really wasn’t anything, IMO, that kept these two apart — a critical part of the formula that separates romance from situational coupling. mesmerizec

This book was really two books in one. Olivia feels an unexpected connection with Lord Stephen, which surprises her as she has candqce met him before.

Mesmerized Book Summary and Study Guide

Thankfully, this book mixed historical romance with a dash of the paranormal to produce something rather different- and something that I rather enjoyed! We aim to ship your parcel within one working day of purchase, and it will usually be delivered within 10 days.

Then things get super effing weird. After his brother’s death, Stephen came home to claim the family title along with an ancestral home named Blackhope Hall which seemed to be more intriguing than the home he remembered and grown up in.

This was well mesmerlzed, but it didn’t hold true for the rest of the book. That part of the story was really interesting and I was looking forward to Olivia doing some detective work to expose the charlatans and win over the handsome ccamp Lord St. And to top it off, Olivia never really gets to display her talents at exposing charlatans. Olivia and Stephen have shared dreams about 12th century lovers? And when they got together they started to dream strange things, strange like people lived years ago in that house.

With his mother still grieving and enamored by a woman who claimed she can speak to spirits, Stephen seek help from Olivia.

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