The Calpurnia aurea is a multi-stemmed shrub or small, graceful tree with a light, open crown. The tree normally grows to a height of 2 – 4 m. Synonyms: Calpurnia lasiogyne E. Mey. Calpurnia subdecandra (L’Hér.) Schweick. Podalyria aurea (Aiton) Willd. Robinia subdecandra L’Hér. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: Large shrub or small tree growing m tall in the open or m in forests. Foliage: Odd-pinnate compound leaves (20 cm.

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The plant in your image has absolutely no resemblance to the tree described above. Aloe ciliarus very tall and skinny.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Calpurnia aurea subsp. aurea

Attracts Birds This plant airea attract birds. Files must be less than 2 MB. Sun The area is in full sun for all or most of the day, all year round. Images must be between x and x pixels. In forests it can be a 9 to 15 m tree while in the open it is more often a shrub or small tree 2 – 4 m tall.

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In Nigeria, the seeds are used to treat abscesses. Shrub, Tree SA Distribution: The flowers are showy and appear in hanging clusters, attracting birds and butterflies to the garden. Leave this field blank. It is particularly attractive to the carpenter bee, who serves as a pollinator to the tree. The specimen in my garden is situated in the teeth of the wind and is reasonably wind resistant, but a few stems do break off in very strong winds.

Ummm Hi Carra My apologies for having taken so long to reply to your comment.

Calpurnia aurea

How do I go about planting them out? I live in zone 9. Google QR Code Generator. Have one growing in my veggie garden Hi – I have 1 growing in the soil of my veggie garden. Seed germinates in days.

How caplurnia you cultivate this tree? Recent Blog Posts Clivias: Plant them together, in at least some shade and in a convenient proximity to the house so that grey water can be utilised during times aaurea drought. Dombeya rotundifolia — wild pear — drolpeer. Due to the collapse of our borehole, we have permanently closed the nursery. During the summer an interesting plant emerged and I allowed it to grow to see what it would be.


Recent Plant Comments Takke wat vrek. Refer to the following sites for the best method of planting trees:.

Calpurnia aurea – Wild laburnum – Geelkeurboom

Calpurnea aurea seedlings Hi P. Click on an image to enlarge it. Evergreen, the tree is best known for its beautiful golden-yellow flowers that usually bloom in mid-summer and keeps on flowering for a long time. Ideal for small gardens or even container planting, this stunning little tree is an asset to aura garden with its soft foliage and striking flowers.

Calodendrum capense Plant List Next: It’s fast-growing and flowers when young, an excellent shrub or small tree for the garden. Fabaceae – The legume and pod-bearing family. Late summer central Florida it bloomed with the pretty yellow flowers, and then in September the green pods emerged.

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