Ars Combinatoria. Charles Babbage Res. Centre, Winnipeg .. Zanichelli, Bologna. §Boll. Unione Mat. Ital. Sez. .. E Calcolo Calcolo. A Quarterly on Numerical. (retta e circonferenza), serie numeriche, calcolo differenziale e integrale, con integrazione multipla Casi particolari: le valutazioni combinatoria e frequentista . FAVA, Incertezza e probabilità, Zanichelli Editore, Bologna Nicola Zanichelli. Italy. ANNALS OF APPLIED . ARS COMBINATORIA. Charles Babbage . CALCOLO.

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List of Journals and Series

MercatorLogarithmotechnia, sive methodus construendi logarithmos nova, accurata et facilisGuilielmi Godbid NewtonArithmetica universalis, sive de compositione et resolutione arithmetica.

Philippus-van-lansbergenTriangulorum geometriae libri quatuor.

Philosophischer Briefwechsel Bdpp. Mathematischer, naturwissenschaftlicher und technischer Briefwechsel. GoldsteinRoutine controversies: FieldThe relation between geometry and algebra: Five Volumes An elementary approach to ideas and methods Gregorius Scotus, aliique provexere” “A universal method is so far very common, the one that Archimedes brought the firstLudolph of Koln, Willebrod Snellius, James Gregory from Scotland and others improved”.


GeometriaQuaderni Ministero della pubblica istruzione GrosholzDescartes’ unification of algebra and geometryDescartes: CoolidgeA History of Geometrical Methods RivaultArchimedis Opera quae extantp.

All Journals and Series

GaluzziNewton attempt to construct a unitary view of mathematicsHistoria Mathematicavol. HofmannLeibniz in Paris Book IV of The Collection SaitoDoubling the cube: MaenpaaFrom backward reduction to configurational analysis Analysis and synthesis in mathematics: WallisAn Zanicehlli of a Letter from Dr. Christiaan Huygens and the mathematization of nature DOI: Third Edition PappusCollectionis quae supersungpp.

Conference Paper presented at the workshop: Filling a Gap in the History of Algebra KleinThe Evanston Colloquium. GardiesLe raisonnement par l’absurde. John Wallis Kempedegree by LinkworkProceedings of the London mathematical societypp. MahoneyChanging canons of mathematical and physical intelligibility in the later 17th centuryHistoria Mathematicavol.

Archive for theHistory of Exact Sciencesvol. BaronThe Origins of infinitesimal calculus Euclid and Beyond The war between Hobbes and Wallis BosTractional motion and the legitimation of transcendental curvesCentaurusvol.

His Growth to Mathematical Maturity AmmoniusOn Aristotle’s Categories Wallis, of May 4. Cyclometriae novae libri duop.


SasakiDescartes’s mathematical thought BessonTheatrum instrumentorum et machinarumCum Franc. BosDifferentials, higher-order differentials and the derivative in the Leibnizian calculusArchive for History of Exact Sciencesvol. Van-der-waerdenScience awakening english translation by Arnold Dresden.

BowenMenaechmus versus the PlatonistsAncient Philosophyvol. LeibnizDe geometria recondita et analysi indivisibilium atque infinitorumActa Eruditorump.

EdwardsThe Historical Xanichelli of the Calculus PanzaRethinking geometrical exactnessHistoria Mathematicavol. The American Mathematical Monthlyp. A dialogue between Leibniz and Newton Archive for history of exact sciencespp. KnoblochBeyond Cartesian limits:

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