The rules are in Polish. This game is the ancestor of all the games from the system W (Wrzesien – September ), but is not part of the system!. It was stratgic point in all known war coflicts, especially during The Battle of The Bzura River in September In first days of September. When the Bzura River battle lasted Wystawa Bitwa nad Bzurą connected with the defence of Sochaczew from 13th to the 16th of September

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The German offensive proved the folly of the border defense plan in the first days of the war. The situation of Poznan Army was as follows: Halder, der uns gestern eine Stunde besuchte, behauptete, es sei biserdie Schlacht des polnischen Feldzuges.

Attack – Sep 10 Last edited by tigre on 14 Jun Sochaczew, due to its strategic location, has been always very important defence guard on the Bzura 19339.

Polish hzura at the Bzura 19399 Polish lost victory? Discussions on WW2 in Eastern Europe. Das Weichselwunder, von dem dass Ausland immer redet, wird nicht eintreten. Wir erlebten dann den ganzen Tag viel Tartarennachrichten.

The situation of Pomorze Army was as follows: He hesitated and doubted in strength of his forces in the most inappropriate moment – when determination was indispensable. Discussions regarding the location of these forces Poznan and Pomorze Armies had produced a teleprinter message from O. Thanks for the input and for joining this discussion!

Brockhaus Multimedial Lexikon gives 19 September as the battle’s end date. General Bortnowski and one Bzuar of the Ops Branch who accompanied him. Der Feind griff uns gegen Abend an und hatte auch durch starken Einsatz einige Erfolge.

The Defence of Sochaczew in September 1939

He had learned of the withdrawal of the German 4th Panzer Division from the outskirts of Warsaw, and was concerned that this Panzer division posed a threat to his men. W tle wysadzony most.


On the contrary, it actually offered us the chance of winning a big victory, since strong enemy forces had now been committed to a battle west of the Vistula, and this, if the right actions were taken on our own side, would end in their destruction.

Dort haben sie Barrikaden in Unzahl gebaut, so dass unsere Panzerleute nicht durchkamen. He could not realize for the time being that one 11939 no far away he must fight with a reverse front against enemy elements already deployed before Warsaw. But what’s about the Germans? The situation threatened to become critical, as attempts by the army to restore it by counter-attacks failed one after the other.

The 8 AOK under General v. The Battle of the Bzura or the Battle of Kutno was the largest [3] battle of the German invasion of Polandfought between 9 and 19 September bsurabetween Polish and German forces.

Polish offensive at the Bzura – Polish lost victory? – Axis History Forum

Bzurq a detailed story dealing with subordinates units see here: Poles began to cross the Bzura near the Vistula, north of Sochaczew, and retreat towards Warsaw. The campaign also showed the importance of taking initiative, proved that horse cavalry units were still an important factor on the battlefield, and proved the importance of air superiority as well as confirmed that simple numerical superiority did still matter.

Wielkopolska Cavalry Brigade Abraham.

Only a few Polish units managed to break out of the encirclement. It was adopted as solution, the big attack, in spite of General Bortnowski thought it only would delay his retreat to Warsaw. And also it 1993 be nice to present here some opinions of colonel Marian Porwit author of the book: But unfortunately the situation had taken its course and if the attack was justified when the Lodz Army was fighting along the line Lodz — Tomaszow, now with the before mentioned army in full retreat the operation was, strategically speaking a bad idea, hence General Bortnowski was right in his thoughts about local counterattacks carried out by the three infantry divisions of Poznan Army.


The remainder 4th, 14th, 17th, 26th and 27th Infantry Divisions19939 didn’t manage to cross the river, with General Bortnowski, capitulated between 18 and 22 September. Cavalry Brigade “Wielkopolska” Great Poland. World War II in Europe: The Germans got in contact with the defensive line established by the 27 DP east of Brest-Kujawski while light enemy elements had been detected between Barnice Inowroclaw.

Kutrzeba made a serious mistake – he did not finish the once started job, despite the fact that he was yet making his way towards the end of it. There are mannikens of Resistnce fighters and their weapons, documents and photos of the fighting Warsaw.

Ta strona korzysta z ciasteczek “cookies”. The DI 26 would continue its withdrawal towards Sochaczew and later would be the vanguard when the retreat was resumed. Zabecki 1 May It has been described as “the major Polish counterattack of the campaign” [6] and “the bloodiest and most bitter battle of the entire Polish campaign”. Here lies the germen of the Polish defeat. For this reason, on 8th and 9th September I had repeatedly pointed out to the Chief-of-Staff of Eighth Army that he must pay special heed to reconnaissance on his northern flank Sochaczew Battle day by day: Blaskowitz was stretched between Kolo and the northeast of Lodz: Keepsakes and mementos of the defenders and photographs of the destuction of Sochaczew bzurq exhibited, especially a unique collection of equipment of the Hospital Corps of the Polish Army.

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