bsnl inplant training report – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NOIDA INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED, has successfully completed six weeks Industrial Training in BSNL at Jammu. It is my esteemed pleasure to present the training report. I had a golden opportunity of getting industrial training at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (Govt. Of India.

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These fuses are made of GD gas discharge tubewhich are connected in parallel. This address is provided to lineman for repairing, in case of any fault. Charging – Discharging Unit 4.

It has the following components: As the name specified it is the main part of the exchange that deals with the all services provided by the exchange to the customers with the help of computer.

There is no fixed or rigid rack and suite configuration in the system.

Micro earth station transmits 1. Interconnecting of computers to form a network of networks.

training report-BSNL

The external pairs are area wise terminated on the line side of the frame, while connection from the equipment is done on the exchange side in a numerical order. Call forwarding -When activated, incoming inplat to the subscriber gets transferred to the number mentioned by the subscriber while activating the facility.


This first phase of cdmaOne variously reporh 1XRTT, 3G1X or just plain 1X is designed to double current voce capacity and support always on data transmission speed 10 times faster than typically available today, some To make possible for a subscriber to communicate with remaining subscribers, telephone of each and every subscriber must be connected to the exchange.

Each cell group is assigned to a base station controller BSC. Today, it has about. Central module CM 3.


Various units of OCB system are connected over token rings. The specification for the physical layer also defines the cable used, the voltages carried on the cable, the timing of the electrical signals, the distance that can be run, and so on. The refrigerant then passes trough the evaporator coils, which extract heat out of the ambience. Administrative module AM 4. Each Tag block has 10 rows 3. Network needs no time for frequency coordination. Transport utilization is better.

I think there is a world of market for maybe five computers Thomas J. It is fourth largest department of Telecommunication Company in Asia.

One vertical has 10 tag blocks. GSM operates in the MHz frequency band. Inverter and Converter Unit. Also they have non duplicated hardware such as subscriber cards and PCM termination cards. About Me vish View my complete profile. In this type of charging awe take of the batteries from the load and charge separately, until it gets fully charged.


training report-BSNL

CERS are provided by the exchange to avoid the problems that the users are facing in repairing of telephone. This cable is having pairs. Provided that the number is bsn, the same central office, the operator connects the call by plugging into the jack on the switchboard corresponding to the called customer’s line.

It is again subdivided in to two parts Exchange side Line side Description of the horizontal side: These pair is distributed when we allot the telephone number to the subscriber. Connections between the different tag blocks are made using the Jumper wires of red and white colours.

Second, monitoring the operation of the first, ready to take over in a few seconds in the event of equipment failure.

These pair is distributed when we allot the telephone number to traihing subscriber.

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