Brechts Frankfurter Rede Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat (November )/Diskussionen, Wirkungen In seinem Vortrag Der Rundfunk als. I spent a while this morning hunting for the full text of Brecht’s article about the book gives it as “Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat” in. Bertolt Brecht,“Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat,” Bertolt Brecht, Gesammelte Werke, ed. ElisabethHauptmann, vol.8 (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp.

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You always have to fit in the framework of the media kkmmunikationsapparat, you are not free to respond as you like. InBrecht notes: Fundfunk states that electronic media are always mass-media, and that means to send messages to recipients who could not answer. Norbert Bolz, for instance, predicts that the asymmetry and distance between producer and recipients will be electronically liquidated in the hyper—medium of the hyper—text: The differentiation of aals into these functional roles, he says, is abolished for two reasons.

Please cite me as Rettberg, Jill Walker — Walker is a middle name and not part of my last name. He argued, that the technological possibilities of new media by no means would determine the emergence of new forms of society and culture.

It is an apparatus of distribution, it merely allocates. Current German Media-Theory and their Ancestors: Sound and image, voice and text exist only as a surface okmmunikationsapparat, also well—known to consumers under the pleasant name of the interface.

Here is my CV. Each article I found that cited it had a different reference, and most of them were not complete.

Komunikationsapparat the radio, this means that it no longer be allowed to expose a host of individuals to a constant stream of nonsense, but rather include all members of the audience and weld them together into a collective.

It is purely an apparatus for distribution, for mere sharing out. Such a symmetrization, he continues, is revolutionary and directly implemented in technology itself: Kommunikationapparat radio would be the finest possible communication apparatus in public life, a vast network of pipes. Consequently, Brecht says art must oppose isolation and develop collective forms.


Benjamin takes off from this starting point inalthough without even mentioning Brecht. Brecht and Benjamin expected a new social system from the new media.

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Der Ozeanflug – Wikipedia

Friedrich Kittler, Grammophon, Film, Typewriter[22]. The technical apparatus of film establishes a symmetry between the perceptions of the audience and those of the producers. The aim of this development is an interactive paradise, in which participants are no longer alienated from themselves and their environment, but are quasi—organically interlocked in the medium of a new immediacy: The contrary is true, he suggests: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Anyone who believes the evolution of media technology is the key to an understanding of social processes risks being transformed from an analyst to an prophet. As early as — that is, well before Benjamin — Brecht links the analysis of the new medium of film to utopian expectations.

Symptom and cause of this change was the conversion of the conditions of communication —— forced by media—technologies —— from passive consumption to active participation. But it is precisely because technology is so close to us that we find it so difficult to analyze. In case of Becht and Benjamin, they have failed.

Bertolt Brecht

A person wishing to look into things closely will be unable to avoid technology, the most obvious matter. Today, the magic formula would be interaction or many—to—many communications in a nonhierarchic network.

On no account do I insist on denouncing the capacities of media theory. At the same time, Benjamin expects the abolition of the typically modern one-to-many communications, which imply a quantitative and qualitative asymmetry between producer and recipients, between sender and receivers.

Der Ozeanflug

Friedrich Kittler articulates the paradox: I would like to plead, however, for giving up this hierarchical relationship among media technology, social system, semantics, and sensuousness, and kommunikatonsapparat giving up the primacy of technology. Just read the blueprints of the ser, the media technologist Friedrich Kittler is advising. Playful Interactions with Visual Technologies in Digital Art, Games, Narratives and Social Mediaa five year, ERC-funded project that explores how new algorithmic images are affecting us as a society and as individuals.


Which looks more correct.

German Museum of Books and Writing “Signs – Books – Networks” – Mass Media – Bertolt Brecht

On this principle the radio should step out of the supply business and organize its listeners as suppliers. Of course you can make a call in call-in-shows or write letters to al editor, but never there will be a authentic feed-back, Baudrillard claims, which is not just pre-calculated and allowed for in the scripts of kommunikationsappaarat.

That old fascist hierarchy of the broadcasting age would be replaced by a network whose nodes would send and receive at the same time. Kool KillerBerlinp. No privilege and no distinguished level would make a difference, each node would participate, access always provided, as you would expect. Angelic telepathy makes all mediating systems of symbols superfluous, and eliminates all differences between inside and outside, between self—reference and external reference; mind—reading permits no lie, no mask, no role, no hypocrisy, no illusion, and no distinction between information and message.

The technical structure once more determines the forms of social organisation. Media such as the radio or alss television, Baudrillard remembers that media are always mediating — and that includes to keep a difference between sender and receiver, a medium always presupposes a separation of alter and ego.

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