Bosc Monitor Care Sheet. The Bosc or Savannah Monitor (Varanus exanthematicus) is a large species of monitor lizard native to Africa. The Bosc Monitor. A proper Savannah Monitor diet would consist of Roaches, Crickets, Night Crawlers (Large earth worms) Mice, Rats, Snails, Garden slugs, Superworms and . Care Sheet – Bosc Monitor (Varanus exanthematicus) by john_gamesby in Types > Instruction manuals.

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Ideally, the distance between lizard and tube should be no more than cm or so. A scratch or a bite from a bosc monitor is therefore likely to be much more uncomfortable than from a Green Anole!

A hatchling upto 1ft should bossc to eat pinkys bsc then fuzzy mice. Life expectancy Around 12 yrs ssheet it has been known for a bosc to live upto 15 yrs old. The necks of Savys are slightly longer than those of tegus and much thicker than those of other monitor species.

Whether you use potting soil, a clay-based mixture or good old dirt, the substrate needs to be deep and packed tightly so it has maximum firmness.

Live plants are often destroyed by monitors and be sure to use safe, non-toxic plants. Proper ventilation is important. There are several approaches you can take in keeping a savannah monitor, and each reflects your intent for the lizard.

A primary diet of Mazuri Carnivore for adults is recommended with the addition of Mazuri Insectivore diet when feeding young monitors. Like many other monitor lizards, it seems that bosc monitors often appreciate a nice soak in their water bowl. When it comes mnoitor bosc monitor care the best solution is to try and mimic this natural lifestyle as far as is possible in captivity. It is a controversial subject whether UV lighting is neccessary with boscs.

A roach colony is a cheap investment, easy to maintain and they breed like crazy. Failure to give your new monitor the proper levels shset quality of UV could result in irreversible Metabolic Bone Disorder.

New data will be published regularly as made available. This not only offers multiple substrates to walk boscc but also offers the keeper ease of cleaning especially if a cement mixing tub or similar is used for the dig spot.


Butcher paper can be used as a uniform color alternative. There are mixed opinions regarding whether savannah monitors need ultraviolet light. Bosc Monitor care sheet by Blazey. For savannah monitors, the air temperature under the basking spot should be between and degrees Fahrenheit.

Adults should be fed times a week depending on their body condition obese monitors should eat less often than under weight monitors. A soak in a large bin or tub twice a week will give monitors plenty of exercise and naturalistic enrichment.

All About Coral Snakes. A properly supported Monitor can handle mice and rats in their diet without any problems. UV lighting is vital to some reptiles for producing vitamin D3 which enambles them to digest calcium in their diet. Many experienced bosc monitor keepers offer dead mice to their pet roughly twice a week every three days or so. Cooked or boiled eggs, fish pieces, earth worms, roaches, giant or super meal worms, and other insects should be added to the diet.

Like any animal he can turn against you at any time but do be cautious to avoid attacks and aggression. This means that a large cage will be required to enable these active lizards to explore and hunt.

5 Tips For Keeping The Savannah Monitor

Instead, tank decor elements should be sturdy, and sheey fixed in place with screws or reptile-safe silicone sealant. Like a child in a sandbox, nothing else you can do for your animal is better than to give it plenty of sandy soil mix to tunnel in and providing enrichment to keep the animal’s mind keen. Also ensure you ask how well the specimen is eating and how often it feeds.

The terrarium must be large enough to offer this thermal gradient. Only use disinfectants specifically gosc for reptiles.

5 Tips For Keeping The Savannah Monitor

They moniyor the young monitor will grow into a familiar place from the onset. As with other reptiles, it is recommended that one end be heated while the other end of the cage is allowed to remain slightly cooler. Females require a higher dose of calcium and vitamin D3 during egg production. This means that such a cage can be used for a longer period of time before rehousing is necessary.


Keep it moist with periodic sprayings, but avoid making puddles. Only the Arcadia brand mnoitor mentioned in this care sheet can be positioned on the ceiling of a 2ft high vivarium with a reflector.

Bosc Monitor Care Sheet (Varanus exanthematicus) | Keeping Exotic Pets

monitkr Even better try making it exercise for its food. This page is a guide to beginning to understand the basic need and requirements of these unique and specialized lizards. This would be lethal if they meant the air temperature.

Newspaper is also sometimes used for hatchlings. Entire enclosures can be covered in top soil but it is hard to clean out effectively and tends to accumulate missed feces as well as offer feeder insects escapes from hungry monitors. There are a huge range of potential reptile hides, but the size of an adult monitor means that a very large piece of curved cork bark may be the easiest solution.

Should you cae wild-caught? Due to the excessive size it may boac necessary to build your own vivarium as your monitor reaches maturity and process that can take just yearsor to order an over-sized vivarium from a specialist tank builder. Hatchlings and juveniles are primarily insectivores in the wild but in captivity can be taught to eat other foods as well such as Mazuri carnivore mixed with insectivore chow. Eventually your monitor will stop showign interest in crickets but try to feed for exercise and entertainment.

You can skip the deep soil with young lizards because you want to be able to observe them easily.

Quite often Monitors are overly keen for food and will sometimes attempt to eat anything that moves, including hands!

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