In Born to Be Good, Dacher Keltner demonstrates that humans are not hardwired to lead lives that are “nasty, brutish, and short”—we are in fact born to be good. Antony van Leeuwenhoek changed how we look at the natural world. Born in Delft, the Netherlands, in , he came from a family of brewers. In Born to Be Good, Dacher Keltner demonstrates that humans are not hardwired to lead lives that are “nasty, brutish, and short”-we are in fact.

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Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life by Dacher Keltner

I was surprised to learn he was a student of Paul Ekman, so his writings on how certain emotions are tied to facial expressions are very strong. There are no discussion topics on dadher book yet. Keltner’s work began with studying, in what to me would be mind-numbing detail, facial expressions. May 24, Stephen Lewis rated it it was amazing. I instead received a chapter on the evolutionary and neurological basis for embarrassment.

By combining stories of scientific discovery, personal narrative, and Eastern philosophy, Keltner illustrates his discussions with more than fifty photographs of human emotions.

The final horn were on love, compassion and awe. It was written at a much more accessible and interesting level than a scholarly article, and the long discussions on emotional development was quite complementary to my field of study in social development.

Unfort The first three chapters are somewhat startling and encouraging, and Keltner riffs on the idea that humans are not born selfish. I think this book has the capacity to change the way one perceives other people and how we interact with each other.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Good stuff in this book.

This guy has an agenda, and he doesn’t want to present any evidence or interpret any evidence keltnef to it.

But its connection to the principal aim of the book is questionable.

Jul 31, Marissa Morrison rated it really liked it. He has taught social psychology for the past 21 years and is the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award for Letters and Sciences.


Born to Be Good

Keltner takes an in-depth look at positive emotions and acts that further those. Instead, compassion is exquisitely attuned to harm and vulnerability in others. Born to Be Good is a profound study of how emotion is the key to living the good life and how the path to happiness goes through human emotions that connect people to one another.

Hardcoverpages. In Born to Be GoodDacher Keltner demonstrates that humans are dachef hardwired to lead lives that are “nasty, brutish, and short”—we are in fact born to be good. Many will find it worthwhile. Unfortunately, his lectures are better than his writing. Click here to watch the video about our newest idea, and to donate.

So if you think that’s weird, don’t worry about it, the rest of the book is pretty much about how facial expressions can affect mood and how people are wired to not be a-holes the current American political climate notwithstanding. Have any of the studies been reproduced? Also, I was disappointed that Keltner did not cite some other sources that would help make his point even stronger.

Some of it gets a little dry and boring, but it is very uplifting to read of biological evidence of how “fearfully and wonderfully made” we are not only as phy The author, a professor at UC Berkeley, explains how he and his students and other researchers are demonstrating that positive emotions and behavior such as smiling, touching, and caring for others, are biologically based and have their origins in our evolution as a species who must care for our young over a very extended number of years.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I don’t really see this as useful as it’s relative think Chris Farley’s religious devotion and charity divided by his drugs, alcohol and escort patronage and disregards scale. Then another chapter on smiles.

By this point I had learned that the author is a Psychology professor who specializes in facial feature analyzes. Published January 12th by W. The book has some great pieces, but it doesn’t all come together in a way that kept me really interested. I put this in more of a free-wheelin self-help category versus a scientific and open approach to meaning and science. Fascinating stuff about the evolution of positive emotions and behaviors – why we laugh, smile, touch; how dance evolved; what our minute facial movements really mean – Darwin shows up, as does the Dalai Lama.


Keltner’s basic thesis, which he builds up through all of the studies done on all of these basic emotional states, is this: The funny thing is that I rather enjoyed the chapters on tood, love, and compassion, before the book became boring once again and thankfully was over.

It’s an important book with important messages, just disappointingly uninteresting most of the time. Although some chapter did drag. Just a moment while keltnef sign you in to your Goodreads account. It turned out to be a pretty interesting textbook on emotions and their evolutionary origins, and how it is advantageous to be kind and benevolent. Mar 10, Steve Baru rated it keltnre liked keltned.

Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life

Given the wonderful introductory chapter, this was a definite let down. Get the science of a meaningful life delivered to your inbox. He investigates an old mystery of human evolution: That’s not a bad thing.

The first chapter introduced the concept of jen, which comes from Eastern philosophy and means all the positive social interactions, and positive social capital. The kindness, sacrifice, and jen that make up healthy communities are rooted in a bundle of nerves that has been producing caretaking behavior for over million years of mammalian evolution.

A few chapters at the end of the awe chapter attempted to wrap things up daccher did it quite poorly. I found myself talking about the subjects a lot and sharing the stuff I learned.

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