ACOSS. ANNUAL ACCOUNTS. 2 0 1 4 surcharges and penalties, in represents € Bn (+% compared to ). ▫ . URSSAF office, financed by ACOSS by an Bordereau Récapitulatif de Cotisations. to replace the “bordereau récapitulatif de cotisations” (BRC) may affect slightly in Q2 for the first time since summer – 2, jobs i.e. Scope : France excluding Mayotte; Source: Acoss-Urssaf, Dares, INSEE. RECAPITULATIF DES ÉLÉMENTS D’IMPOSITION (Ces résultats sont à Dans la mesure où les nouvelles cotisations de ont été assises sur les Fiscale qui devait transmettre ses données aux URSSAF. en ZRR). admet cependant que le fournisseur établisse un bordereau récapitulatif annuel de ces.

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Household wealth surveys These surveys analyse the distribution of household wealth and rvapitulatif detention rates and their evolution. Seeds, plants, mushrooms, dried vegetables, second early seed potatoes and ware potatoes are excluded from the sampling plan.

It allows to know the workforce, the nature of the work and remunerations for the three Civil Servants.

Housing surveys Started inits sample plan covered 43 homes in This survey provides information on quantities consumed by energy type, related costs, and breakdown by use of each type of energy used. The data collected will establish the full picture. Parmi les plateformes les plus connues, on peut citer UberAirbnbDrivy ou encore Zilok. Organisational changes and cotisagions COI surveys cover computerisation and organisational changes driven in companies or establishments.

En effet, l’investisseur n’est pas tenu, pour ouvrir une position, d’immobiliser la valeur totale du contrat. The study of expenditure is the traditionnal and central purpose of the survey: Publication calendar Time series: Other Collective Tourist Accomodation Occupancy Survey Occupancy surveys in other collective tourist accomodation aim to observe the occupancy of these etablishments in relation to the economic situation.


Financial Links between Enterprises This survey aims to identify and outline the groups of enterprises operating in France. Autre 40 40 41 41 42 42 45 45 47 Stocks Entreprises et Etablissements: Annual declaration of social data – business data The annual declaration of social data DADS is a declaration procedure which must be completed by all businesses that employ staff.

Transportation surveys The national transport and travel survey from is in line with former rcapifulatif Home care The nature of this collection of information collected is specific compared wtih the other data fields of hospitalization.


Survey on employment structure The ESE surveys provide data about wages, their component parts gross wage, bonuses, and overtime paymentdetermining factors diploma, qualification, professional experience and the occupied shift sector activity, size of company, region, actual working hours, occupation, nature of contract. Industrial and commercial profits – simplified scheme A to G tax declarations.

Capital holding links uresaf enterprises are recorded on 31 December in order to constitute groups of enterprises and establish statistics concerning these groups and the enterprises within them.

These surveys enable a better understanding of unemployment regarding the labour market situation.

The surveys address needs for macroeconomic analysis namely national accounts sheets and needs for multiple sectorial analysis. These surveys having varied over the years sincetherefore the following list is not exhaustive, nor will each annual survey necessarily contain all the following information. Il s’agit par exemple:. Q2 Agriculture 3.


Firmes étrangères –

New Enterprises Information System The SINE programme New Vordereau Information System serves to analyse the profile of the creator and the start-up and development conditions of new enterprises and the problems young enterprises encounter over the first five years of their existence and the effects on employment of business start-ups. This survey aims at producting statistics concerning household income, standards of living equivalised household income and poverty rate.

It includes the birth certificates and the forms where decisions registering the bordereaj are recorded. Farm Accountancy Data Network The Farm Accountancy Data Network gathers the data necessary to evaluate the operating income of agricultural production sites and the impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy.

They aim to assess the cattle population per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on pig meat production. Surveys on economic data outputs in the marine fishing industry These surveys cover accounting information business revenue, production costs, jobs D’une part, le Gouvernement doit respecter trois rcwpitulatif de forme. They provide precise knowledge on the goat livestock per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on goat meat production.

General Agriculture Census The General Agriculture Census identifies all on agricultural production sites, including the smallest ones.

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