Book of Proof. (5 reviews). Richard Hammack, Virginia Commonwealth University . Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: Independent. Book of Proof has ratings and 11 reviews. David said: Playing with Numbers22 June – Sydney Well, what do you know, a university textbook that. This free book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics. – free book at

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Until this point in your education, mathematics has probably been presented as a primarily computational discipline.

Book of Proof : Richard Hammack : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Likewise, the perfect number theorem’s proof felt like a jump too high for many students so if time is pressing one could opt to postpone these topics in Chapters 7 and 8 respectively. Luis Cota rated it really liked it Jul 17, In this setting, your primary goal in using mathematics has been to compute answers.

Some instructors might see a lack of an introduction to delta-epsilon arguments as a weak point.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack. Students, who were expected to read considerable sections of the text before coming to class also reported that the hammacl was very good and they liked that the price was right!

Book of Proof

This is an excellent book if you want to know how to read and understand proofs or how to derive proofs yourself. More succinct than Velleman’s How to Prove It. Lee rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Another goal is to train students to read more involved proofs they may encounter in textbooks and journal articles. From the complete beginner as in my case, I only had highschool ham,ack with some non-rigorously, self-taught compsci to the more proficient, if you don’t feel confident with proofs, Hammack has your back.


How to Prove Conditional Statements Chapter 3: Other than this, I found the text to be not culturally insensitive or offensive.

The interface was fine. This will prepare booi for advanced mathematics courses, for you will be better able to understand proofs, write your own proofs and think critically and inquisitively about mathematics.

It is very easy to just do a search for terms to get there quickly, but this would be a great addition. It was a PDF version of a proof textbook.

You do not have license to alter content for anything other than personal use. The statement is There are a few things I would like to see dealt with in more depth–specifically, a few more examples and exercises for each of uniqueness proofs, “the following are equivalent” proofs, the Well-Ordering Principle, and strong induction.

I do enjoy that many sections of the text are about techniques of proving, which highlight the technique’s importance in mathematics.

My decisions regarding revisions were guided by the Amazon reviews and emails from readers. The online interface is a plain pdf that appears just as you would expect from the hardcopy. Virginia Commonwealth University Number of pages: The book ends with additional topics in relations, functions, and cardinality of sets.

No trivia or quizzes yet. This textbook is an introduction to the standard methods of proving mathematical theorems. How many runways in a particular airport? Quotes from Book of Proof. Like seriously, more nook one! Luis rated it really liked it Nov 12, After the first exam, we will do some combinatorics, and then go back and prove things about combinatorics and add in inductive proof techniques. To ask other readers questions about Book of Proofplease sign up.


One could rearrange the order in which sections and topics in each chapter are covered, although it would be more challenging to rearrange chapters II, III, and IV without covering chapter I first.

The material on cardinality at the end of the book is nice.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack

In fact when I did Law you could be assured that the yearly book bill would run into the hundreds of dollars. For more information about the cookies policy and uses click here.

As it is a mathematics textbook, and particularly one on proof, notation and approaches to proofs adopted early in the text are used in the later chapters, but most readers will rarely if ever need to refer back to a previous chapter because of a reference in a later one. Brynjar rated it it was amazing Dec 07, A native of rural southern Virginia, he studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design before an interest in computer graphics and visualization led him to mathematics.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack – Download link

Hover on the chapter title to see the subsections. Caleb Carpenter rated it it was amazing Dec 08, I found no discrepancies while reading. The fundamentals of set theory, logic, and counting techniques are covered in chapter I. Very clear and well organized, and defines haammack new terminology. Relations, Functions and Cardinality.

I love the content of this textbook.

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