This fourth edition of Biosafety in Microbiological and. Biomedical Laboratories editions of the BMBL, whose guidelines are now accepted as the international. This is not to say that the new BMBL will not require interpretations. This was clarified in the 4th edition by “Filtration and other treatments of. medical Laboratories (BMBL) (HHS et al., ) was pub- lished. Does our facility have to comply with the require- ments of this new edition? • The 4th edition of.

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Hunt mentioned the following comments from the online workshop participants: Salerno said the concept of risk assessment, bjbl. There needs to be a mechanism for relaying changes to BMBL users in a timely manner, he said. Wilson said if the BMBL is being used in a way that it was not intended the editors would like to know about it and give it consideration.

Transport of arthropods needs to be addressed in this section.

Ksiazek commented that having no ANSI standard for certification is an issue. He also said if a product will be used off label, studies should be conducted to confirm that it will work in the correct concentration and contact time. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free?

Make editiin section more user-friendly by listing the material to be imported or transported and the regulations that apply to it rather than listing the regulation and the types of shipment they would apply to.

Wilson said many things have changed for the better; she agreed that this is worth mentioning in the BMBL. Ellis mentioned ecition there were repercussions, especially in select agent-approved labs, from the BMBL 5th Edition guidance on directional airflow.

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition – CDC

Ellis said this requirement might be a burden to BSL-2 labs. Meechan and Wilson said they need to hear specific comments, i. Ellis mentioned that there is a CDC publication on clinical labs, human clinical labs, and veterinary diagnostic labs and asked if this document fills eddition gap. He said the statement that there could be no reversal was taken to mean that there could be not one particle of smoke that could go a half inch out of the lab when exhaust systems were ediyion.


She asked if DURC could be addressed in the risk assessment section, i.

She said an online workshop participant asked if any change is being planned in the BMBL with regard to the current effort in polio virus eradication. Salerno commented that those who have bmmbl in the biosafety community for a long time interpret the agent summaries differently than someone who is relatively new. This document encapsulates the discussion of the major comments on the BMBL that were posted on the virtual town hall prior to 12 May and the various BMBL comments and issues related to biosafety that were raised during the workshop by participants who attended the meeting in Washington DC and those who listened to the live webcast.

Page 17 Share Cite. Bohn said if these materials are put under BSL-2, then this appendix might not be needed; clearly explaining why these materials need containment and need to be worked on at BSL-2 would be important.

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Ellis said an online workshop participant also prefers having both a digital and a hardcopy ; the participant also said that the hardcopy would be good for those who may not have access to the online version, such as labs in developing countries.

It would be helpful if the BMBL stated that a best practice of biosafety is for the institution to put in place policies for everyone to follow when working with biological material.

Login or Register to save! As a follow up on the issue on the lack of applied biosafety editipn, Kozlovac said he thinks biosafety professionals will not be the ones who would actually conduct the research. Several online workshop participants also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to give their input. He said the agent summary statements are great in terms of how they are written and that they provide a lot of information, but they are not always consistent with each other, whereas the MSDS have a very consistent format.


Wilson said the discussion would only be qualitative due to lack of data.

Harbourt said what can be done depends on institutional policy or the procedure itself; there are times when biosafety professionals have limited flexibility as to what containment equipment or devices they can work with. Debra Hunt Duke University; member of the steering committee said clinical labs have also developed their own standard through the CLSI, 4 which addresses clinical microbiology and gets into specific procedures and safety issues and is revised every now and then.

Page 7 Share Cite. Moving information on the transmissibility of select agents in cage mates to the respective agent summary statements in Appendix D. Ellis said the comment exition on the virtual town hall was to add NSF International as another resource. Ellis mentioned that CDC published a document a few years ago about human clinical labs and veterinary diagnostic labs, particularly about the unique challenges with biosafety and containment of unknowns that come to editiion labs daily in large volumes.

Hunt noted that not too many comments were received on Section I. He said a statement about training and encouraging it would be very helpful and working with ANSI would help address these comments. One was about inventories and how it is done. He asked if federal agencies could do more to encourage FedEx to ship biological materials. Consider rearrangement of chapters.

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