Blood Knot plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. Athol Fugard. Based on the Play/Book/Film. Category. Complete summary of Athol Fugard’s The Blood Knot. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Blood Knot. by athol fugard directed by charles randolph-wright american conservatory theater february 8–march 9, Blood Knot. AMERICAN CONSERVATORY.

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Saving to buy a farm where bolod may retire Morris is the “slave”, cooking and cleaning while Zach earns money for them both. But Ethel sends another letter saying that she is now engaged to be married, and thus will not be coming to visit them.

Morris prepares hot water for Zach to bathe his feet. Toggle navigation Choose Section. In the end the girl decides not to visit. Myself as Morrie, with Charles Hyatt as Zach. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the play by Athol Fugard.

Thus, Morris proposes that Zach write letters to a female pen-pal. Morris and Zachariah will, apparently, remain together for many unhappy years to come, needing each other, but unable to bridge the gap brought about by their respective skin tones. The Internet Off-Broadway Database. Morris keeps the house, while Zachariah works to support them both.

Blood Knot

Morris, in fact, had been tempted to use his light skin-color to try to live his life as a white man, but had been unable to live with the guilt and uncertainty that this had caused.


Morris has been saving the money that Atbol earns, so that they can buy a two-man farm. To prepare for the date, Morris buys some fine “white” clothes with the money that he and his brother had been saving. Both Morris and Zachariah have rich imaginations and have taken part in role-playing games together since they were small boys.

The Department of Theatre seeks students interested in studying acting, directing, scene design He has footsores, from having to stand on his feet all day.

They are saving money in hopes of buying a farm of their own some day.

Vorster confiscated Fugard’s passport. They are different in temperament, but they reaffirm and support each other. Reviews “Best play of the year. Themes, motifs, images and the author’s own impassioned conscience are all there in organic form.

The play is important not only as a work of art, but as a statement against the injustice represented by apartheid. The girl says in her athool letter that she is coming to visit Port Elizabeth, and that she wants to meet Zach.

Athol Fugard is an internationally acclaimed South African playwright whose best-known work deals with the political and social upheaval of the apartheid system in South Africa. His job is to keep black people from coming into the whites-only park.

Zach spends their savings on a suit of clothes for Morris, telling him that he should go to see Ethel. The play ends with no real resolution.


This page was last edited fugaed 26 Februaryat They are different in temperament, but they reaffirm and support each other. Mostly male cast Includes adult characters. Morris decides that, since Zach wants to talk to a woman, he should write letters to a woman, so that he will not feel so lonely. Featured Jobs Near You. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A Piece of My Heart.

Blood Knot – Wikipedia

When Morrie joins a lonely hearts club on his brother’s behalf, nkot find themselves awaiting the visit of a White woman who will never arrive. Morris can pass for white, and has done so in the past, blood now he has returned to live with Zachariah in a small, miserable shack in the “colored” section of Port Elizabeth. Meanwhile, the lonely Zachariah has struck up a pen-pal relationship with a white girl, and entertains fantasies that she might fall in love with him. August Wilson’s Two Trains Running.

Fugard had to endure having his home raided, and having his phone tapped by South African authorities. Morris has been saving the money that Zach earns, so that they can buy a two-man bloodd. Retrieved from ” https: Sign in to your Samuel French account.

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