Preface. Birkhoff & Mac Lane’s Algebra is a brilliant book. I should probably spend some time with it again, actually. Also, I apologize for such a. In Garrett Birkhoff and Saunders Mac Lane published A Survey of Modern Algebra. The book became a classic undergraduate text. Below we examine a. Garrett BirkhoffHarvard University Saunders Mac Lane The University of Chicago A SURVEY OF ern fourth.

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To develop the student’s power to think for himself in terms of the new concepts, we have included a wide variety of exercises on each topic.

Nevertheless, an is still bitkhoff book well worth reading. I once began writing a massive annotated bibliography of basic mathematics through standard graduate workbut after spending ten pages on algebra texts, I gave up on the project. Inwhen the first edition of this book appeared, the curriculum in algebra was the result of a hodge-podge accumulation.

Algebra – Saunders Mac Lane, Garrett Birkhoff – Google Books

I think the needs of the graduate student are more complex, in a sense, than the undergraduate’s needs, because many are less obvious than in the undergraduate case.

Chapters 4 and 5 develop the basic algebraic properties of the real albebra complex fields which are of such paramount importance for geometry and physics. This book also does not match a clear unorthodox ad of how the subject should be taught, unlike, say, Aluffi or Adkins.

Yes, we did know then that research mattered for tenure, but our joy in teaching was somehow connected with our respective research. Motivation, examples, clear writing, reasonable exercises, they are all there.

The group concept is applied systematically in Chapterson vector spaces and matrices. Surely, people appreciate the extant ones e. The advantage of not falling back on a general reference as a supplement is you can use the really great parts of these excellent books, and the students know where to go for much more; plus, both of these are written at a reasonably low level.


Logic suggests the standard groups, rings, fields, modules, vector spaces, etc.

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Terminology and notation which has become outmoded algebrz the Revised Edition was published in have been brought up-to-date; material on Boolean algebra and lattices has been completely rewritten; an introduction to tensor products has been added; numerous problems have been replaced and many new ones added; and throughout the book are hundreds of minor revisions to keep the work in the forefront of modern algebfa literature and pedagogy. Still other arrangements are possible.

The next year Mac Lane put group theory first, and set theory Boolean algebra last! Such students are strongly advised to do supplementary reading, or birkhof least browsing, in the references listed at the end.

Numerous additional exercises, summarising useful formulas and facts, have been included. Although two or three books on the new algebra have already appeared in English, the present volume appears to the algebea to be the best all-round introduction to the subject, unique in its clarity, balance, generality and inclusiveness.

I am joking, if it is not clear.

Perhaps a lecture reviewing elementary set theoretical notions, then cover some linear algebra introducing basic category theory after seeing direct sumsthen cover some ring theory, then plenty of group theory, then modules and advanced linear algebra, followed by field and Galois theory, representation theory using algebras and specializing quickly to groupscommutative algebra including some applications to algebraic geometry and the likeand finally homological algebra, with some advanced or extra topics at the end, if possible e.

I don’t think hitting students with category theory unless they’ve already had considerable exposure to algebra is a good idea. The ratio of definitions to theorems and exercises is kept low. A section on bilinear forms and tensor products has been added to the chapter 7 on vector spaces, while Chapter 11, now entitled “Boolean algebras and lattices”, contains a new introduction to Boolean algebras, as well as a section on the representation of such by sets.


This will get everyone birlhoff do the work they will need to do to read many papers, which are not uniformly well written and often take having a mature audience as an excuse not to motivate or show any work. Hungerford’s Algebra is a pretty good book, but the author includes little about homological algebra, and the only time you see the word “representation” is when discussing category theory. While I’m really enjoying the book,I’ve got a real dilemma gnawing at me.

Preliminary Thoughts

They embody the elegance, precision, and generality which are the hallmark of mathematics! This book is distinguished also by the great clarity with which all details have been presented.

The most important parts of each theory are included and that is all that can be asked of an introductory textbook. In preparing the revised edition we have added several important topics equations of stable type, dual spaces, the projective group, the Jordan and rational canonical forms for matrices, etc. It has a lot of linear algebra, which is good, and it is not too hard, but it requires some work.

I had taught algebra courses at Harvard when I was an instructor, and at Cornell I taught algebra out of the book by Bocher; at Chicago, out of a book, ‘Modern Higher Algebra’ by Albert; and at Harvard again out of my own notes.

Only in this way will they be able to appreciate the full richness of the subject. Aluffi Is Chapter 0 an undergraduate or graduate text, or is it neither? There are other fairly popular graduate algebra texts that do not cover all the presumed topics, however.

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