ENGAGEMENT DE PRISE EN CHARGE souscrit conformément à l’article 3bis de la loi du 15 décembre sur l’accès au territoire, le séjour, l’établissement. Proof of host’s financial means like: salary slips of the last three months, bank statements, income tax papers and Formal Obligation (annexe 3Bis/bijlage 3Bis) . A letter of guarantee (in the prescribed form “Annexe 3bis”/“Bijlage 3bis”) not older than 6 months with: o Copy of the guarantor’s 3 most recent salary sheets.

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The exact motivation legal and factual of the refusal decision will be sent to you directly, as well as the details about the procedure to be followed to lodge an appeal against this decision Also available here. You help me so much with this blog!

All non-Russian citizens living in Russia have to be legal residents of the Russian Federation and need to present the relevant documents copy of residence permit, long-term visa or FMS registration.

By selling some of the assets you have on hand you are going to migrate anyway.


One last thing, please remember to ask your boyfriend to go to his Stadhuis to get the document legalised before sending over to you.

In the event of loss, there is still a tracking form from the post office. Dixiana Mora 27 May at 3: It is for information only. Yes, tell the customs officer you are applying for the legal cohabitation and give them the Annexe 3bis form. You could, of course, prepare a copy of your bank statement and bring it to Belgium in case it comes handy.


⑥ Annexe/Bijlage 3bis: Pledge of Financial Support Formal Obligation Form

Also, carry the important documents like your bank account with you. The estimated time to get Annexe 19ter is between 3 to 6 months after you applied for family reunion.

The application form must be completed bijlagee one of these 3 languages, or English. Nothing will happen after you have the Annexe 3bis approved.

Well, I have a good job here and some savings. The form is just an invitation letter for you to go to Belgium with a pledge of financial support from the other party. I had a smooth and successful approval so what I did was just additional. We can use our NRIC, passport or birth certificate as proof of our nationality.

Where can I find an example of a Belgian invitation letter? – Message – Forum 🙂 Hospitality Club

The documents to be produced are: I prefer not to show my bank statement. Document Description Main documents Original of passport Passport which must be valid for at least 3 months from the date on which you intend to leave the SCHENGEN territory, or, in the case of multiple journeys, the date on which you intend to leave it for the last time, issued within the previous 10 years.

Multiple entries are required in case the Schengen-area is re-entered after e.


Talk to members and volunteers right now! Hi Dixiana, you do not have to prove that you have money for the first 3 months at all. Bijlagw visa section is open to the public on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 till This document can be obtained from the relevant municipality in Belgium.

By getting some financial help bijlagr your close family members who are willing to lend you the money temporary. Annexe 3bis is more for people who need a tourist visa to enter into Europe.

I am a Singaporean. People who can apply for the family reunion can be a spouse, a girlfriend or boyfriend to a Belgian or EU partner.

The form with a bar code is available once the registration on Visa-On-Web is completed and the online form is filled bijlate. After the dateline, this form is rendered invalid as a proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the foreign partner involved.

Live in Belgium 27 May at 8: You can also apply for schengen visa without a need for sponsor. It will tell the authority that your boyfriend is serious about you and is willing to go through the extra step so you could arrive in Belgium hassle-free.

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