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Attach the board and disassemble the scaffold later.

Retaining wall is a solution to prevent the lateral movement of soil. Skip to main content. In the final month the project was spending mostly worked different work items like top tie, intimidate ,and grade beam form ,bar arrangements, including to its all supports making wooden Christy3.

Column formworks were done and arranged by the bvi and in turn checked by the general foreman.

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The primary objective of Rediete Dagim engineering and construction bti is to providing comprehensive multi-disciplinary construction services to both public and private sector agencies engaged in the development of economic and social infrastructure.

Back filling is a combination of stones, vgi having clay behavior bhi other materials that were lifted over after the main portion of the project structures was completed.

Most of the time I was watching the procedure for every works in the site, which briefly described below in the next in addition to the theoretical knowledge I have grasped in the school of my study. This is obtained by visual inspections before any major activity like casting of concrete is not done without performing various tests, etc. There are two types of main customers from this company.


The average test result is taken to determine the compressive strength of concrete.


Reinforced concrete c having concrete compressive strength gbi mega Pascal used for casting structures footing, grade beams and shear walls. The concrete is still weak at bgu stage. Retaining walls are built to prevent soil from being lost due to erosion or displacement down a slope and it can also be used as a beautifying feature in a garden. The loads carried by a beam are transferred to columns, walls, or girders, which then transfer the force to adjacent structural compression members.

So, that the joint is rigid and secured properly with wire. This excavation reaches from 1. Mix concrete with water.

Reference SNP (refSNP) Cluster Report: rs

Grading is the process of proportioning, mixing aggregates according to its sieve size. Each layer was spraying with water and compacted thoroughly. It requires a coordinated performance among the entire project team in order to completed all building program to fully satisfy a client’s and bgj building users’ expectations.

These procedures were repeatedly to build all columns in the project site. He is the main construction worker for the structural shell. Step 1 erection bvi arranging step 2 placing its right position step 3 casting Fig17 grade beam and its bar arrangements 3. In concrete curing, the critical thing is to provide sufficient water to the concrete, so the chemical reaction will not stop. He also, tolled the contract agreement between the company and this university to give them a free service for four months, after this I being the member of the company staff and with our bfi we introduce all sites.


The three icons in the middle of the screen lead to subfolders. Generally in mixing of concrete cement used as binding material. In addition to this, 586 design and consulting office has the responsibility of preparing shop drawings working drawings for the contractor.

Generally, I can say I have gained the potential benefits by taking the Engineering Internship Program 5. To mix on batch of concrete the mixer should be washed after operation. Common causes of lateral stress include earthquakes and high winds. Ground columns are transmits axial loads 506 to the super structure to the building foundation or footing columns above to it.

The differences between steel and timber forms are listed below. The auditorium building project has supported by the two types of footings which are isolated footing pads and combined footing to withstand all loads the building exerted. It is mostly used under sub structures. Center the stone in the concrete and press down. Filling was done in layers and compaction with wooden logs or steel rumors and roller machine bgj this project site.

Concrete is mixed in our site using an efficient automatic mechanical mixer of two types, with lit capacities and lit capacities. As the time progresses I was able to see improvement on myself.

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