Loading David Icke – Beskrajna ljubav jedina je Man, how do you even describe this book? It is A LOT to absorb! Many people think. by David Icke First published April 1st Sort by. title, original date Beskrajna ljubav jedina je istina, sve ostalo je opsjena (Paperback). Published by. Infinite Love is the Only Truth has ratings and 24 reviews. Veronique said: Man, how do you even describe this book? It is A LOT to absorb! Many peop.

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Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion by David Icke

It is also quite a funny book, I had good laugh There you go, cross there. Free your mind is what the whole theme of this event is about.

Free your mind just means opening the mind to all possibility. DI’s books have ideas that are drawn probably from older material which may have been more pseudo-religious or even philosophical. May 04, Taylor overman rated it it was amazing.

Nemoj brinuti za to. And it’s obviously a world with some major, major problems in terms of its operation and the way it’s run.

To je dekodirana iluzija, vrijeme i slijed. Citat iz jedne od mojih knjiga: We’re born into this world, we go through these kind of situations of growing older and doing this, and doing that, and doing the other, and then we get older, jesina loads of people in the world, vast numbers of people is a struggle, is an effort, and it’s a daily grind and “am I gonna survive another day?


I was walking around for a day or two after in a shocked state of presence, seeing the fear in everyone and everything.

Hej, moj auto je krepao! He deals with the whole thing, the basics.

I mean, there’s got to be something else, if there isn’t, I’m outta here. And all these goons in uniform who seek to impose someone else’s will upon us is just about exposing the savid they’re seeking to enslave us so we can see the game and therefore not play.

I nije samo jedna razina. Nov 18, Akvile rated it it was amazing.

Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion

But behind that it becomes clearer as the dots join up that there’s another agenda behind that which the movie is simply there as a jexina story to obscure and hide. What’s it all about?

But the Illuminati are people well, reptiliansso I fail to see how they could control everything. And we can move our point of observation around that consciousness and express and celebrate its uniqueness, but dxvid are all of one infinite mind one infinite consciousness.

David Icke – Beyond The Cutting Edge 1 of 6

And those real journalists who don’t will tell you how hard it is to get other kinds of information into the main stream. And now we have the choice between three people who are all controlled by the same force.


A ovo radimo u ime slobode.

This wasn’t the ljubsv experience for me. Paperbackpages. Maybe your pal had one too many and is making the case that lizards rule the world and everything we see is illusion, but he sure sounds convincing and is great fun to listen to!

So Big Pharma runs the health industry and it’s not about health and that’s why doctors destroy health.

As Michael Ellner said: I tell you what, if I had an erection for four hours I ljunav consult a doctor, I’d thank bloody God! I agree with most of the things he wrote in this book. Which explain the way events in the world in a certain way.

David Icke: Beskrajna ljubav jedina je istina |

Sold that for a lot. Kada govorite o Jednome, ljudi misle da onda svi postaju jedna ovakva kap. Invalid login Forgot Password? Enterprise Beskrajnna Help Watch Videos. Open Preview See a Problem? Waif rated it really liked it Nov 19, I think perhaps he’s got some of the details wrong.

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