Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Bertrice . Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After her older sister’s arranged marriage is a. Francesca. Bertrice Small. Buy This Book. Reading Francesca proved to be such a long, horrific process for me, I began to wonder how in the.

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Francesca: The Silk Merchant’s Daughters

Not cool, Small, not cool. Despite that running away episode, throughout the novel she is more level headed than her elder sister whom her family no longer talk of. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, I wouldn’t blame you. I have to admit, I liked the Smalk Duke better than his son. Her life was not easy, especially not after her marriage, but she bertgice a great duchess, and she was a lot smarter than her husband.

Francesca by Bertrice Small | : Books

I was very saddened that I would not know the date of Serena. Ending wasn’t what I had expected but I think Small did a great job wrapping up the lives of all in a great way.

She spends the winter learning the wenching trade and flirting with the mysterious huntsman Carlo, who does his best to seduce Francesca. The Silk Merchant’s Daughters?

Her mother though has her heart set on this match, her daughter marrying a Duke! The huntsmen thought she was beautiful. Her books are a combination of historical fiction, swashbuckling romance, purple-prosed bodice rippers and feminist girl superhero fare.

If he does not suit, you may return. In a perfect world, I would have changed the ending a bit, that is what is holding me back from giving a full five stars.

You could almost predict francssca was going to happen at first. Jan 12, Isabel Garay rated it did not like it.

Everyone has their own opinion on a book. Francesca A fantasy story worthy of a Disney movie. If so, she certainly benefited ffrancesca my general ignorance back then of how good romance novels can be. Solutions popped up out of nowhere when they were needed to move things along.


Another wonderful read for this avowed Bertrice Small fan. But the future remains uncertain for the runaway bride, who is still promised to another. He knows that his best friend has fallen for Louisa, and such a timid girl would never suit him.

What could have degenerated into a trite romance with laughably stupid plot twists apparently, in Small’s world, growing a beard and standing in shadows can completely disguise you so that you are completely unrecognizable ha!

Nov 17, Billie rated it it was amazing. Small delights and thrills.

In fact, I imagine that Francesca is the book that would result if written by a person who has never read a single romance novel in their entire life yet claims that they are all poorly written, formulaic tripe and works hard to fulfill that delusion. He offers to give his next oldest daughter, Francesca, more latitude in choosing a husband than her sister had.

While the book started off as a guilty pleasure it quickly deescalated into horribly written sex scenes and an excuse to use more exclamation points than are needed. She thought she was beautiful. This one just wasn’t for me. The Silk Merchant’s Daughters 4 books.

Unfortunately, she is terrified of Rafaello, and has fallen in love with his best friend instead. A lot of research has been put into Bertrice’s novels. Jul 01, Naksed rated it really liked it Shelves: There were a few surprises but it ended in disappointment for me. The title character is a bit if a spoiled rich girl who is invited to partake in a medieval era Bachelor reality betrrice, where Duke Rafaello will choose between her and two other women temporarily residing at his home for the coveted title of Duchessa.

But she will not sleep with him; she will go into bertruce marriage a virgin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And no deathbed whisperings are going to heal the wound. I’m saying it took me back to the late s when as a year-old reader, I pored over every detail of the ball gowns worn and the course meal eaten, lol birds stuffed inside other birds, candied flowers, etc.


But the arrogant beauty has no desire to marry, and she drives every potential suitor away.

Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters, #2) by Bertrice Small

In a perfect world, I would have changed the ending a bit, that is what is holding me Francesca was the perfect second story after Bianca. And with the help of her servants and slaves, she escapes the castle and seeks to find her way home. I have read several of Ms. Francesca is one of three maidens selected as potential bride for Berhrice. Oftentimes, the words used were repetitive and while the main heroine protested loudly about wanting to be more that beautiful arm candy, she sure as hell loved beating people over the head with how beautiful she was.

The romance fits well withing the plausibility. She writes within the perspective of tho While Bianca was more rash and yes Francesca despite being a spoiled brat at first did some rash Bianca-ish things running around and escaping from her obligations and responsibilities for fear of not being loved when bertricce was time to marry Rafaello, she comes to her senses and read well into my review because the author unlike many authors nowadays, has been writing for many years therefore she has a lot of experience and her writing has only gotten better.

I think I’ll just re read her Skye IMalley books. I can’t tell you.

As always, Small imbued her heroine with sharp, witty dialogue that works a lot better in impressing the Duke than her incomparable beauty, not that her perfect face, figure, and fashion sense hurt, as Small inevitably reminds us every third paragraph lol. Francesca is no exception.

She is therefore shocked when, not long after they meet, Rafaello chooses her as his bride and her parents agree to his proposal—without her consent.

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