Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Bertrice . Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After her older sister’s arranged marriage is a. Francesca. Bertrice Small. Buy This Book. Reading Francesca proved to be such a long, horrific process for me, I began to wonder how in the.

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Published sinceBertrice Small was the author of over 50 romance novels. Francesca A fantasy story worthy of francescca Disney movie. Jenna Harper Review Date: Historical Romance Historical Fiction. Stand warned, you might be tempted to throw the book against the wall.

Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters, #2) by Bertrice Small

Jan 12, Isabel Garay rated it did not like it. The title character is a bit if a spoiled rich girl who is invited to partake in a medieval era Bachelor reality show, where Duke Rafaello will choose between her and two other women temporarily residing at his home for the coveted title of Duchessa.

And to do that, she wants to know everything that is happening in their Duchy. And so they decide to take a few days for bertrie, to get to know one another again.

Framcesca Widows of Malabar Hill. The dialog sometimes felt simplistic and for a younger audience. So when she finds an Inn, and the owner promises to bring her to the main road come spring, she has no choice but to stay and work as a servant.


But the arrogant beauty has no desire to marry, and she drives every potential suitor away.

Books like these are intelligently written, smartly woven and the plots are so intricate, the characters so complex. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She wants to go home to her sisters and her parents. Furious and feeling betrayed, Francesca flees into the woods and takes shelter at an inn. Jill Tanner does a great job. Night of Camp David. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

You read a romance to be taken away from it all even if it’s just for an hour or so.

Francesca: The Silk Merchant’s Daughters

Oftentimes, the words used were repetitive and while the ffrancesca heroine protested loudly about wanting to be No.

Oct 07, Pages Buy. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The Splendor Before the Dark. Beautiful rich girl sent to find her destiny in a small duchy. If none of the above conveys the horribleness that was this read, I will warn you that it does not end happily, brrtrice least not by conventional romance novel standards. There, she earns her keep as a servant—and meets an unlikely suitor who steals her heart. I did try to Google for this country though, and did not find it, other than the English meaning of the name: Francesca was a good edition, though not her best.

Before We Were Yours.


The ruling family are descendants of the Ceasers of Rome. She is therefore shocked when Rafaello chooses her as his bride and her parents agree to his proposal—without her consent. He was pampered and a good warrior, but had no idea of the world and the politics behind his borders.

The book was more a Historical read than romance. While Bianca was more rash and yes Francesca despite being a spoiled brat at first did some rash Bianca-ish things running around and escaping from her obligations and responsibilities for fear of not being loved when it was time to marry Rafaello, she comes to her senses and read well into my review because the author unlike many authors nowadays, has been writing for many years therefore she has a lot of experience and her writing has only gotten better.

The romance fits well withing the plausibility.

Francesca (Silk Merchant’s Daughters, book 2) by Bertrice Small

It might spoil your reading, but it’s not what you want in a romance. I would recommend this book to someone who likes a somewhat brutally honest historical novel, but with somewhat stilted conversation yet know-it-all characters. The huntsmen thought she was beautiful. Paperbackpages. Yours may be different and that’s O.

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