This presentation has unquestionably achieved legendary status. It is an effect so impossible that it has had the best brains in magic scratching. From what I’ve read, Berglas perfomed the trick for other magicians who were stunned. The man performing the trick is Berglas’s best friend. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most.

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The magician does not touch the cards and neither does he use a stooge. He then promptly slaps the deck on the table and instructs the participant to count the cards.

Do you have some proves?

Berglas Effect

He thinks of it as “remote control magic” and that’s the story audiences take away with them: Now for that advantage we mentioned earlier. He chose the Four of Spades.

It was Jon Racherbaumer, writing in his book. It is now the thirteenth card. This has become a collector’s item and is selling for several times berglaa original price.

Do you want to respond to this review? Then he turns the pack around and riffles the opposite end. In fact, the creation of the legend was a surprise even to David.

They have been mentioned openly at the beginning of the routine merely by way of confirming their selection, for the spectators’ benefit not his. I will always have fond memories of Genii Magazine. Now let’s go through the dinner party scenario again.


Inspite of this, David maintains he uses no stooge! I hope to have a lot of fun with these new approaches. So by the time he has done a trick with the first card, he has already set up the second. Anyone looking for a simple description will not find it here. In an impromptu performance he will reveal the cards in quick succession; one might be reversed, another in his pocket, a third under an ashtray and so on.

One effect blended into another and everything had an air of surprise about it.

It amuses me greatly to read the nonsense on the Genii forum, and the reactionary and ill-conceived opionions of those who purport to know so much about the Art of Magic. David Berglas is the father of Marvin Berglas of Marvin’s Magicthe world’s largest supplier of professional magic sets.

The berglas effect- How is it done?

Furthermore he also knows its position from the centre of the pack. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

Not to mention, I enjoy your excellent use of the English Language. He teases the audience with it. Nov 20, Messages: As well as being able to perform The Berglas Effect with a borrowed, shuffled pack, David has also used a set-up pack, particularly for more formal occasions.

Only a percentage of the berglsa can fulfill all four restrictions. Or, is it just magicians? The trick is not to make the card appear in the deck, but to make it appear at the chosen position. When his true age was discovered he was not allowed to complete his training. Berglas first became a household name in Britain through his regular performances on BBC radio, an unusual role for a magician.


The Berglas Effect – Secret Assistant – Magical Apparatus

He now turns to one of the men on stage and says, “Three cards have been called. He berglss me to name a card and any number under fifty. So he would put the effect on hold. The Berglas Effect embodies everything that makes David the performer he is. There was no way of knowing.

David Berglas – Wikipedia

And they can, of course, be counted to. He is a trickster by profession, an illusionist, and they are his audience at best. He was one of the first magicians to appear on British television with his own show Meet David Berglas inwhich regularly attracted audiences of over 19 million viewers.

In Marc Pauls 1st presentation in the video, the person sitting in middle i am not aware of his name though who counts the cards, looks a lot less-impressed by the trick than the other spectators.

It bberglas very informative about his back ground and thinking. You learn to create miracles with no sleights. Generally though he thinks that revealing a card by spelling its name is to be avoided.

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