Dark Eldar Kabal Fleet Battlefleet Gothic, Dark Eldar, Bfg, Warhammer , Sci . Visit Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Fleet Battlefleet Gothic, Space Games, Bfg, War. Dark Eldar Kabal Fleet Battlefleet Gothic, Dark Eldar, Bfg, Warhammer , Sci . Visit . Dark Eldar, Page 3, Warhammer 40k, 50 Shades, Elf, Diorama, Minis. Given the recent news about Corsair Eldar, I think it’s a good time to have an Implementation Thread about the Dark Eldar. I’ve been thinking to.

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Those unfortunate enough to be taken quickly find that the Dark Eldar do not share the love of practicality and aesthetics of their Eldar cousins.

They have shiny fields of awesome to protect them from lances and the like, but gun batteries fuck them up so hard it’s retarded, particularly since they HAVE to dip into battery range to fire the fields are basically naval-scale holofields which obscure the exact position of the Eldar ships, making them difficult to hit with pinpoint weapons, but doesn’t help much against the “spam more dakka” approach to conventional battery gunnery.

Chaos in vattlefleet Old World – Relic.

And also, lances that can hit multiple times with a single lance shot. In the end the Eldar are a fun race but suffer badly from a case of lack of diversity which makes it hard for them to build a competent list with anything but as many Eldar hellbores and aconites as possible.

Bsttlefleet your navy work better if you used like They are designed to have horrific looks: Instead, the Dark Eldar construct their ships only to be ever more horrifying and devilish to observe, ever more destructive to oppose. Of course this wouldn’t be a GW game without the Imperium being represented. The Chaos fleet dafk pretty similar to the Imperial Navy, but emo’d up. Eldad Space Marines are essentially the Imperium’s mighty glaciers. However, whilst such pedantry may suit the mindless drones of the Administratum, out on the front line, the practical needs of Imperial captains familiar with the nightmare of raids by these pirates has led them to refer to these ships eldae two broad designations — the Torture class cruiser, and the escort-sized Corsair.

Rules for ships other than that were released later in other publications with rules for playing games not necessarily set in the Gothic Sector – the largest and most relevant of which is Battlefleet Gothic – Armada elsar, which contains rules for ships belonging to other major factions in 40k. While they lack the strict durability and torpedo numbers of the Navy, they make up for it with absurd firepower, assault boats, better speed and overall better ships for fewer points.


They are a bit faster than their corpse-god worshiping counterparts and have the largest selection of ships, making them superior to any other fleet except sometimes Necrons if correctly built. Also, Chaos ships can have Marks of Chaos, and daemon-possessed ships, and the planet killerand activated blackstone fortresseswhich are expensive in terms of points apiece.

Their initial fleets were composed of refitted modular merchant ships and scout vessels.

Also everyone who plays them just uses ‘nid bits to scratch build their fleet. Eldar do not do Broadsides.

Dark Eldar Space Fleet – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

There is no defeating a Necron fleet that outnumbers you, not in the fluff, not in the game. Some people still think that BFG is one of the best or at least most fun games that GW have ever made.

Also, the flavor of the game is pretty fucking awesome actually, what with the various planet-demolishing shenanigans and just plain gorgeous rule book. Also, they have weapons batteries that always get the full shots unlike all other factions, which only get a fraction of their shots for the final rolling.

They are also the most powerful fleet, and have light cruisers that can blow apart battleships without a scratch, due to having the only armor saves of the entire game no joke here and a shitton of close-ranged weapons, and anyone who battlefleet they’re outrunning you in a straight line had better prepare the lube, thus being unkillable and murder incarnate.

No mention of BBs though.

Also, in the land of 30cm range weapon batteries, it used to be that the man with an unerring ability to guesstimate his Nova Cannons on target was king. In general it is outclassed by Battlefleet Neoclassical due to its purposeful use daro rich ornamentation, elegant arcades, isolated decorative elements, superior shielding and medium range arsenal.

The first trailer looks pretty awesome.

Battlefleet Gothic

Just like their ground pounders, except eeldar the chapter serfs defend the ship and operate everything. In pursuit of torture, murder and desecration, the Dark Eldar construct all manner of perverse and obscene vessels, designed only to help them fulfil their gotgic lust batt,efleet brutality. You quickly start missing that six up armored prow after you watch your prized Repulsive grand cruiser get erased by a lucky round of fire. Log in and join the community. Instead, Dark Eldar ships are testaments to their perverse lust for brutality, filled with torture chambers and designed to be ever more horrific and deadly.

Additionally, the more recent Imperial ships have been built or retrofitted with an elcar prow, while the Chaos ships lack one to allow for fark speed. Be prepared for some insane Eldar trickery when battleleet off against these skinny mother fuckers. They come in numbers. Necrons have like 5 different kinds of ship and according to fluff are fucking nasty to fight.


Battlefleet Gothic is a little-played specialist game made by Games Workshopwhere players control fleets of spacecraft. The rules for ships that are aligned with the ImperiumChaosOrkor Eldar and were present in the Gothic War are in the main rulebook.

Sunderer, Cruiser Prow armor and heavy forward weapons, intended to break apart formations by ramming into them and completely smashing anything in front of them, but no broadsides. Tyranids are extremely deadly at close range, all ships besides the Hive Ship are expendable in the extreme, reasonably durable, and ridiculously deadly at boarding. If only we had a bunch of crazy ass priests who are fucking insane about technology on board to sort that shit out for us!

And the dangerous as fuck flyers. Your ad here, right now: The second bwttlefleet is even better. The above statement fails ddark point out that the Imperial Navy is the most diverse fleet in the game, comprising of no less than six fleet lists and sports more cruiser classes, in every subtype, than any other fleet in the game. If it could be added, I picture it similar in design to the Void Stalker, having both prow and keel weapons I don’t remember the specifics of the DE battleship in the novel Path of the Outcastwhile being as customizable as its smaller cousins.

This limits the maximum number of these craft to not exceed the gohhic of hangar bays available on the capital ships, rather than the original treatment of the hangars like nonstop factories which encouraged building up truly gigantic waves of fighters and bombers on your end of the table before sending them across all at once.

Dark Eldar Kabal Fleet | Warhammer40K | Pinterest | Battlefleet gothic, Dark eldar and Gothic

As mentioned above one of the best ways to make the game more enjoyable is to limit the number of fighters, bombers, and assault boats allowed. Ads by Project Wonderful! As such, the following loadout is purely my design.

They also goothic a pretty flexible set of upgrades, including putting Chaos Space Marines to improve leadership and boarding. Even if you don’t, the wonderful Instinctive Behavior will probably guide your ships towards your enemies

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