By now you’ve made your character and done the tutorial missions. The next important tools in your EVE toolbox are what I like to call “The Big. Each week, they bring guides, editorials, interviews and One of the oldest and most iconic EVE fansites, Battleclinic provides EVE players. BattleClinic is continually expanding and growing its list of free tools and guides for players. The site offers: Largest overall EVE killboard, with.

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Certificates are a great feature in EVE and an easy way to figure out which skills you need to learn. The Knights of the Blessed Mother of Acceleration. Each week, they bring guides, editorials, interviews and community news in a similar way to what I’ve been doing with EVE Evolved over the past two years.

This item is incompatible with EVE Online. There are three basic ways I use to add skills to my training plan.

CCP Games on Youtube When an official trailer or awesome official video comes out, this is where you’ll find it! IIshira I haven’t seen anything rve like you’re talking about.

The ISK PRO Guide | EVE PRO Guides

You can export fits from this page directly to EFT. Outposts and soverignty can be highlighted on the map, among other useful options. Views View View source History.

Posted by Lex Starwalker at I battleeclinic some about highsec carebearing and small gang PVP. They have a guide for each race, giving all the ships by class in a very well-organized format. There’s also lots of well I can’t say that word on the forums.

Then click the button that says Attributes that would be best for the first year of this plan. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Is there an updated ship guide available? The site provides battlecliinc tools and guides for free use, which help players deepen their enjoyment of EVE-Online. Previous Topic Next Topic. A dangerous but fun way to potentially make billions of ISK per night.


Recommended Certificates and Required Skills. Without any pesky jail time. Virtually anyone can do this but it will probably appeal more to those who enjoy greifing. BattleClinic is the largest and most complete support site for EVE-Online, based on both registered membership and alexa web statistics.

ICSC Jump Planner If you have a capital ship, you’ll know the pain of having to plan your jump drive routes, ICSC Jump Planner is an awesome tool that does all the planning for you, even allowing you to customise your route and add mandatory waypoints.

Damage types of EvE [wiki. You will want to start using EVEMon right guiee. I will just point out a few things. Eve in 2D [www. Deep Space Supply [www. EVElopedia and the other links above are all badly outdated. It keeps track of the number of NPC kills, player kills, jumps and pod kills in a system over the past 48 hours using a handy graph. EVE Agents Eeve a mission agent that meets your requirements can be a daunting task. How some players make a fortune just by knowing what changes CCP will make in the next patch.

It allows players to set up virtual ships and optimise their fittings without testing in-game. Pretty handy for Haulers!

Find the ship you want to fly. EVEMon makes planning your skills easy. In Boobiez We Trust 3, I just downloaded the latest version of EFT and relearning how it works again. They can even be exported to a format the game can load into the saved fitting list. Newer Post Older Post Home.


All rights are reserved worldwide. EVE-Central This is a handy way to get a rough price estimate on an item. Im sure you can find something! The secret formula to expanding EVE beyond the game and out onto the web for potentially massive profits. After it does that, it may take you to the main account management homepage for steam – this is fine: Deep Space Supply is not affiliated with other timecode retailers, some of which have ties to gray market sites.

Beginners do not copy these fail examples lol!

Ships & Modules

This is a great idea by the way, haven’t thought of that. Proceeds fund BattleClinic’s efforts to continue to build great tools and help guides for the community. Websites Pages with broken file links.

I also got to play with Gattleclinic this evening. Scrapheap Challenge Although the official forum is good, there’s plenty of room for more than one EVE forum on the net. It looks like it up to date but many ship classes are missing battleclinjc BattleClinic loadouts, like it use to have years ago.

This makes it an incredible intel-gathering tool, especially gulde it also gives this information on hidden wormhole systems that can’t be seen on the map. The column covers anything and everything relating to EVE Online, from in-depth guides to speculative opinion pieces.

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