14 abr. Dessas turmas uma do APLUC foi aplicado a Bateria de Testes do Vitor da Fonseca e uma do APLUC e uma do I.E.G foi aplicado o KTK. María de los Ángeles Hernández T. Lcda. en Terapia Ocupacional. Máster en Psicomotricidad Batería Psicomotora Vítor Da Fonseca Sustento. Taller “Batería psicomotora (BPM, Vítor Da Fonseca)”, CIAP Centro de Investigación & Atención Psiconeurológica, Edificio Chapultepec.

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Was selected fortuitously 60 scholars between 8 and 10 years. Though, it is necessary to stimulate the areas of the brain, aiming to help the neurons develop new connections; to educate the children from the most tender age in an rich atmosphere, stimulating the spoken language, song, writing creating a structured climate with affectivity, diversifying positively the sensations, with the presence of color, music, social interactions, and games seeking to the development of their cognitive capacities and future memories, favoring like this their learning process15, Integrated into that fact, due vihor recent studies in the neuroscience, there are demonstrations that the brain has capacity to accomplish neuronal plasticity, during the normal development of the organism and that is influenced through outlying stimulation, in other words, in response to the osicomotora, stimulations and experiences, the brain exhibits the growth of neuronal connections, what takes to end that educated children in sensory rich atmospheres present better chances of memory and cognition4.

Rosa Neto, evokes that the development can be considered a process which the people, starting from the available structures in every moment, appropriate of the culture of the social group inside of which are submerged. The exclusion criteria for participation of the research were to present apparent psychiatric and or motors disturbances.

The illustration 6 illustrates the result of the children’s that breathe well: The nasal staple was put, and the child well educated to inspire the pscomotora and to blow in the mouthpiece, strong, fast and completely inside of the spirometer.

We are speaking about individuals that possess a psychomotor disturbance. The organism constitutes the neurophysiologic infrastructure of all of the coordinations, and that turns possible the memorization.

Bateria de Avaliação Psicomotora by REGINA QUEIROZ on Prezi

However it is evident that qualitative aspects of the intellectual and functional functions of the human organism still inaccessible. In that study, the means obtained in the balance tests for the two groups was of 3,13? Therefore, psiccomotora learn does not mean to do an internal interpretation and representation of the reality or external information, but to do a personal interpretation and representation of such reality.


Marion Diamond, american neuroanatomist, demonstrates that the animals that were in rich atmospheres presented larger growth of cerebral cells. However, was the following mean values for the children that breathe well and breathe bad, respectively: Therefore, it is of concluding that children in atmospheres that provide rich experiences, present larger opportunities for us to understand their experiences, that are some of the most promising learning sources.

Some reported cases of buccal respirators, demonstrate that even not having an obstruction of the superior aerial ways, present low school performance, motive agitation and behavior alteration, the breathing capacity is committed and, consequently, the oxygenation5. Frequently, we fondeca observed motive agitation and behavior alteration. The values will be showed for the group that breathe well and breathe bad, respectively. If that child possesses a decrease hateria the normal lung function, it is probable that the child has chances of committing the potential for learning and the necessary readiness profile for acquisition of new learnings.

Each one of those interrelated functions is an evaluation area.

The students were randomly raffled in public schools of the Rio de Janeiro state. It was waited that the child that doesn’t breathe inside of the appropriate patterns for the age presented the weak tonus hypotonia or exaggerating tension hypertoniadeficiency in the balance, in the lateralization, in the body notion, in the time space structuring, mainly in the global motive coordination and in the noble motive coordination.

Dividiu-se os escolares em dois grupos: In spite of the progresses, some researchers have been questioning the ability of this approach in analyzing the cerebral function, if the same ones are sufficiently refined to explain about the relationship between human behavior and cerebral function Their movements are slow and not coordinated; they are little skilled in the accomplishment of the daily life activities; they have difficulties related to the right and left knowledge; they frequently present tension in muscles of superior members and scapular waist; their writing comes with irregular plan and sometimes illegible.

En la tonicidad las medias fueron: The teacher possesses the commitment of working their students in the different aspects of their development, between them the intelligence, mainly the corporal-kinesthetic The values are expressed as mean and standard error of the mean.

That body’s participation in the learning process occurs for the action mainly in the first years and for the representation. Researchers interested in the brain’s functions have been picomotora new unprecedented opportunities to examine the neurobiological correlation of the human behavior, significantly contributing to the development of the cognitive neuroscience, a research field that combines the experimental strategies of the psychology with several techniques that examine how the cerebral function sustains the mental activities.


For evaluation of the body notion, it is observed the kinesthetic sense, the right and left recognition, self-image facegestures imitation and body drawing.

This does with that the learning process is unique and “could peicomotora be repeated” in each case The tests that are part of a psychomotor battery are useful to detect, with a very small error margin, the growth pattern and of human motor behavior.

In tonus the average was; 3,33?

bateria Vitor da Fonseca original

To verify the influence of the mechanical ventilation on the neuropsychomotor learning the scholar children of 8 until 10 years. Usually the evaluation techniques have been in citor largest part developed for children with moderate or serious neurological compromising. Due to this picture, fonsecs health and education professionals, that come across a lot of times with these individuals labeled by the society as awkward, they should be attentive in acting in a global way psicomotra that it is possible to do the right orientation4.

The illustration I demonstrate the mean values for tonicity. In that study, so much the children that breathe well as the ones that breathe bad presented means between the groups without statistical differences, although, if we observe in the graph, although low, the ones that breathe well presented better means than dee ones that breathe bad. The buccal respirators, due to breathing disturbances, present difficulties in the knowledge acquisitions, mainly in the early years of the school formation.

It is said that to mouth breathe is not a disease, but needs to be treated, because the child can present difficulties in the development.

The “t” Student test is psiomotora for samples in pair. Concludes that the mechanics ventilation of children with age between 8 and 10 years does not influence the neuropsychomotor learning.

Those breathing disturbances can be classified in restrictive, obstructive, mixed or non-specific. In the balance parameter was evaluated: The mean of the ages in fomseca groups is from 8 to 10 years. The impact of the motor bqteria is observed in the functional abilities That child sleeps bad, is always tired and presents difficulty in the physical activities.

Do not have significant difference in any one variable between tow groups. The Psychomotor Battery is composed by tests for evaluation of the tonicity, balance, lateralization, body notion, space-time structuring, global and noble praxia.

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