Fortún ibn Qasi, valí de Zaragoza. His parentage is confirmed by Al-Udri when he names his descendant “Muhammad ibn Lubb ibn Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Musa ibn Fortun ibn Garsiya”[]. Birth of Musa I ibn Fortún, valì de Zaragoza, Arnedo. Alberto Cañada conoce como nadie este linaje y dice acertadamente que desconocer la historia de esta familia – los Banu Qasi – es ignorar dos siglos de. Discover the family tree of Lopo ibn Musa ibn Musa Banu Qasi for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

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Although never realized, the threat of Frankish attempts to regain control over the western Pyrenees was a real one. While Musa had been orphaned at an early age, his military activity may have begun in the s, and the Banu Qasi possibly Musa himself most probably participated in the second battle of the pass of Roncevaux along with their relatives of Pamplona, [16] an event leading to the establishment of the kingdom of Pamplona.

Retrieved 30 March After a brief siege, he was able to reclaim the city for his family, bau well as Lleida. Likewise, the Banu Salamaremoved from power in Huesca and Barbitanya the area of Barbastro at the end of the 8th century, may have derived from Abu Salama.

An account of the rebellion tells of Musa’s murder aasi thereafter at the hands of a Banu Husain follower, yet a “Furtun ibn Musa” is said to have been killed in his own Zaragoza uprising, and it has been suggested that this name may be an error for Musa ibn Furtun. A History of Islamic Spain. A History of Medieval Spain. After destroying several castles, they developed cold feet and withdrew, but were caught by Sancho.


The name is anachronistic, and no Banu Qasi is attested until Mutarrif ibn-Musa during the s, but he is identified with just his father’s name and not explicitly linked to Cassius or the Banu Qasi. Mutarrif’s fate is unknown, but byhe had been replaced by Lubb’s kinsman, Muhammad ibn Isma’il, son of Isma’il ibn Musa, who was then assassinated.

A Political History of Al-Andalus. First, the residents of Huesca called bahu Mutarrif ibn Musa ibn Qasi for leadership.

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Carlos III el Noble. The Banu Qasi dynasty descended from Fortun, the eldest son; the second son may have been the Abu Taur of Huesca who invited Charlemagne to Zaragoza in ; and the Banu Salamaa family that ruled Huesca and Barbitanya Barbastro in the late tenth century, may have descended from Abu Salama.

Desaires legitimistas en el siglo XV. Monzon was briefly controlled by Qais brother Yunis ibn Muhammad, but he could not hold it, and Monzon too fell to the al-Tawil. Isma’il died shortly thereafter, inand al-Tawil and Muhammad ibn Lubb each took their case to emir Abd Allah for possession of Isma’il’s lands, the emir confirming the succession of Muhammad ibn Lubb.

Muslim Spain and Portugal: The Victors and the Vanquished: The Umayyads of Cordova sanctioned the rule of the Bannu Qasi and repeatedly granted them autonomy by appointing them as governors, only to replace them as they expressed too much independence, or launch punitive military expeditions into the region. Lubb would wasi, forgiving the remaining debt and returning the hostages except Sayyida, whom he married.

Bsnu using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Over the next decade, following the deaths of his father and two uncles, Muhammad ibn Lubb ibn Qasi maneuvered to become the leader of the family.

La Casa de Francia y los derechos sucesorios en Navarra. All Muslim authors make them to appear descending from the Visigothic Count Cassius, whose name, bahu well as those of many of his descendants, is Latin: Pamplona en el siglo VIII.


Count Cassius

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The fate of Musa ibn Furtun is debated. To buy his freedom, al-Tawil ceded lands between Huesca and Monzon to Lubb, and agreed to paygold dinares for the possession of Huesca. This biographical article about a person notable in connection with Islam is a stub.

Sus enemigos estaban ahora en todas sus fronteras.

Banu Qasi – Wikipedia

Un nuevo escenario Muchas cosas han cambiando para Musa ibn Musa. It is presumed that the members of the family associated with the Cordoban court and military campaigns, but no record of their presence there survives.

Juntos asedian Tudela y consiguen apoderarse de Yusuf. With the fall of Lubb, his local rivals immediately fell upon the Banu Qasi lands. In the next generation, Mutarrif ibn Musa, was likely a son of Musa ibn Furtun, [e] although historian Ibn Hayyan only mentions his name and does not say that he was a member of the Banu Qasi clan. Arab sources describe Abd Allah’s rear-guard action at Luesia as a victory, but if so it ganu only a tactical victory and he immediately retreated south.

Sancho descended toward Calahorra. Los “reyes malditos” en el trono de Navarra. Such acts on the part of the Umayyads demonstrated their failure to ever fully resolve the problem of effective, central control of outlying regions.

Following the death of Musa, nothing is known of the family until

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