Baku: An Eventful History [James Dodds Henry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Baku: an eventful history. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Co., ltd., – Armenian question – pages. Baku: An Eventful History. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Company, Limited, – Petroleum industry and trade – pages.

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Home About Help Search. The most commercial of Russian autocrats appears to have recognised the potentialities of the oil sources of the Apscheron.

When the Sun well was capped, it came again into play. In Melikov erected the first refinery in Baku.

Having leased from the Kuban Cossacks extensive areas and secured several freehold plots, Novossiltzev histoory to prospect by means of trial wells. Four large lakes of oil were formed before the spouter was got under control on November 23rd. Under the conditions of that day time meant everything to the refiner.

In his instructions to General Matushkin, who took Baku by assault, Peter wrote: Page – Some idea of the mass of matter thrown up from the well could be formed by a glance at the damage done on the south side in twenty-four hours — a vast shoal of sand having been formed, which had buried to the roof some magazines hishory shops, and had blocked to the height of six or seven feet all the neighbouring derricks within a distance of fifty yards.


These pipe lines were hlstory miles in length. In September, 1enterprise was encouraged by the abolition of the tax levied on the refining branch of the industry. Advanced Search Find a Library. On the top of the hill is the new cemetery. Till the end ofwhen traffic was opened on the Transcaucasian between Baku and Batoum, the monthly production of the oil fields was unequally distributed during the year.

Towards the end ofa start was made with the laying down of three new lines. Some of these, notably Nobel SwedeRothschild FrenchmanGukassoff Armenianand MantaschefF Armenianmentioned because their petro- leum companies have offices in London, may lose fortunes through the wholesale destruction of the oil wells, tanks and pipe lines, but they will remain millionaires all the same.

Catalog Record: Baku, an eventful history | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Numerous improvements were introduced during the first eight years, between the time of the abolition of the contract system and the end of In there were in the Apscheron Peninsula refineries.

During the winter months only a few refiners, those provided with storage facilities, continued to work ; the others stopped. Just before the abolition of the contract system, this geologist predicted i that oil would not be found at a greater depth than 60 or 70 ft. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. Both works were soon closed. P, for SalfordMr.

Baku: an eventful history,

BAKU has been a remarkable city for centuries. The final acquisition of the Baku Khanate, by the Gulistan treaty concluded with Persia October nth,marked a turning-point in the history of the Russian petroleum industry.


It is now deserted. These contained stills capable of taking about 89, poods in one charge, and to treat a minimum ofpoods and a maximum ofpoods of crude per day. At the request of a producer the railway management laid down a hisotry line between his property and the Saboonchi terminus. Love laughs at difficulties, and soon a fortress raised eventfjl head a hundred and twenty feet above the waves. Rockefeller and his lieutenants bau of the calculation.

But, after all, the oil fields are its crowning glory ; these have made it what it is — the metropolis of the Caucasus and a city which is destined to play a still greater part in the industrial history of those wild parts when once it is fully realised in Russia that the prosperity of a nation can be best estimated by the extent and richness of its mineral resources.

There are several other spots in the Caspian where naphtha gas bubbles up in the same way.

Baku: an eventful history, (Book, ) []

This company then erected a separate still in which it distilled its own residuum and paid the crude tax. Early in the following year oil sand hisory passed through, then clay, and after- wards quicksand.

The chief nationalities number thirteen, and each of these has more than representatives. The second XX, group was purchased by Zubalov and Dzhakely.

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