A hasan hadith, narrated by Ahmad (6/) and Abu Dawud (1/46) in Kitab al- taharah, bab al- siwak. Fath al-Bari, 2/, Kitab al-jumu’ah, bab al-siwak. We have read in the first Book that the love of Allah is the highest aim of a true believer. It is for the achievement of this single end that he affirms his faith in Him . Bukhari, Sahih: kitab nikah; bab man tafa nisa’ihi (also Anas bin Malik). Ibid., kitab nikah; bab Dawud, Sunan: kitab al taharah; bab ha’id. Malik, Muwatta: kitab.

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Narrated Zayd ibn Khalid al-Juhani: Sometimes he would say the witr prayer at the beginning of the night and sometimes at the end.

You were right, or he said you did well. When we came to syria, we found that the toilets already built were facing the qiblah. Then he washed his forearms three times and wiped his head twice tharah from the back of his head, then wiped its front. One day I had my turn to tend the camels, and I drove them in the afternoon. Abbad a sub-narrator said: Their mosque bba small and its roof was lowered down.

When she was purified, she would look at the clothe in which she menstruated. And its earlier part has been narrated by a group of narrators from lbn ‘Abbas; they did not mention anything about it.

Her necklace of onyx of Zifar was broken and fell somewhere. Give it up until I show you. In his tradition he said: Leave them, for my feet were clean when I put them in, and he only wiped over them. He came to ‘A’ishah. It would atone for his sins for three days more. The mention of the name of Companion Abu Sa’id in this tradition is not guarded. Set yourself right i.


One day when he was leading them in the dawn fajr prayer, he said to them: Abu Ghutayf al-Hudhali reported: When any of you has intercourse with his wife and desires to repeat it, he should perform ablution between them. There was a mark of blood on it saddle and that was the first menstruation that I had.

The version narrated by Muhammad b.

Bab Taharah

He then used the tooth-stick and performed ablution while he was reciting the verses: She should wash it; in case the mark is not removed she should change it by applying some yellow color. This version does not mention the word “testicles.

If anyone washes his head on Friday and washes himself; and he narrated the rest of tradition as above. So when anyone amongst you goes there, he should say: I saw a chair was brought to ‘Ali who sat on it.

The chain is not strong. I do not think he performed ablution afresh after taking a bath. I, accompanied by other two persons, one from us and the other from Banu Asad, called upon Ali. What can prevent me from wiping over the socks ; I saw the Messenger of Allah doing so.

Bab Taharah | Bulughul Maram

Abdullah ibn Abu Bakr reported that he heard Urwah say: Narrated Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah: What is lawful for me to do with my wife when she is menstruating?


He performed the second rak’ah of the prayer behind ‘Abd al-Rahman b. He wiped his head with water which was not what was left over after washing his hands i. The purification of the utensil belonging to any one taharxh you, after it has tabarah licked by a dog, consists of washing it seven times, using sand in the first instance. You may offer prayer in such places; these are the places of blessing.

Narrated Umm Salamah, Ummul Mu’minin: The people stood up for the night prayer and a man stood up and spoke forth Apostle of Allah, I have to say something to you. But the chain mentions Ibn Jabr b. In the meantime Bilal came and called him for prayer.

I looked at him and found him to be ‘Umar b. My Lord has commanded me to do this. He asked his fellow travellers: My eyes sleep, but my heart does not sleep.

He did not move the hair from their original position. There was no water with the people. He wiped his head once.

The version of Ibn Juraij has the wording: They the hearers said: What is in your skin vessel? Ya’mur and ‘Ammar b.

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