Buy Azincourt 1st Paperback by Bernard Cornwell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Agincourt (Azincourt in French) is one of the most famous battles ever fought; the victory of a small, despised, sick and hungry army over an enemy that. Azincourt (Extract). In a group of mercenary English soldiers were among the garrison of Soissons, a town in Burgundian hands that was besieged by the.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The sky was blue. The army was superb, but sickness and the unexpected French defiance at Harfleur, reduce it to near-shambolic condition.

Agincourt | Bernard Cornwell

Loved the main characters and the depictions of the battle scene and soldier’s lives. Even with English and 30, French according to Cornwell which is why the Agincourt Battle went down in history as one of England’s most successful battles. My favourite writers in this genre are Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell, although there are many others who light up all of my lights. He went on to tell the story of Badajoz in his third Sharpe novel, Sharpe’s Companypublished in Nick is a brilliant archer, and soon finds himself in France, in Soissons, where he witnesses some horrendous betrayal and violence, but those events lead to one positive outcome: I’ll have to Google her.

Hook had never seen a gun either, and he flinched when the second one bernarv to add its filthy smoke to the summer sky. The appalling cruelty of the siege that followed, described at length in the book, provokes Hook to enlist as an archer with Henry V’s army. McCarthy can get more feeling into one murder that happens out of the narrator’s sight.

Sir Martin eventually manages to corner Hook’s wife, Melisande, and attempts to rape her. Hook was fascinated by its tube that was three times as long as his bowstave and hooped like an ale pot.


Hook manages to conceal himself in a house and save a local nun, Melisande, from rape. Jan 13, Guilherme Passos rated it it was amazing Shelves: Click here for suggestions for further reading in Other Books. There are other 2 star reviews here on Goodreads that echo my own feelings on this book, so let me keep this short and sweet. I simply did not like it. He has to ask who Geoffrey Chaucer was and, when told he was a poet, retorts: Forester, chronicling the adventures of fictional British naval officer Horatio Hornblower during the Napoleonic Wars, and was surprised to find there were no such novels following Lord Wellington’s campaign on land.

Agincourt wins battle of bestsellers

I became a little tired of the scene, but I realized this book is about a battle and so what did I expect. In addition to all the comments already made about this book, with which I agree, I want to add that I got a huge kick out of Sir Robert Cornwall, who could swear as poetically and inventively as my father did.

Some were also doubtful about the cause for which they were about to fight, but this month, as we approach the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, fought on 25 October azincoutt, a novel commemorating the English triumph corwnell ago has leapt to the top of the bestsellers’ list after just five days on the market. But the far larger French army blocks the fords and the two opposing armies azincoutr at Azincourton the day of Ss. Also highly technical in nature.

Despite the bad weather and the bad health of his men, on 25 October, St Crispin’s Day, the young king led them to victory. Nick is an archer in training who quickly becomes an o The tale of the battle of Agincourt told through the eyes of an archer, Nicholas Hooks. It has always been held to be the triumph of the longbow against the armoured knight, and of the comm Agincourt is one of the epic battles of history.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He had a narrow, beak-nosed face with a lantern jaw, dark hair and the expression of a man forced to endure the stench of a latrine. This is a great way to learn about the history that shaped our world and be vastly entertained at the same time. But Father Martin decides to take the girl for himself, and in an unsuccessful attempt to shield her, Hook attacks the priest.

However, overall it’s just not goddamned engaging enough for me to give this goddamn bastard of a book more than two goddamn stars. Henry V contains many of the most resonant lines ever written about warfare and some of the best-known lines ever written in the English language. He knows the nuances of the period and ably weaves them into the story. So Nicolas marches off to war, but Cornwell doesn’t get around to the Battle of Agincourt until much later in the story.

This is what it must have been like to fight at Agincourt. And that’s fine too. Also, I am completely done with the words goddam Bernard Cornwell, that bastard, has written a goddamn straightforward story about the bastardly Battle of Agincourt just enjoyable enough to get me through to the goddamn end.

Before the battle Henry under the guise of ‘John Swan’ speaks with the men, Hook realises that it is indeed the king after noticing his distinctive scar and tells ‘John Swan’ that the king claims to be a religious man but is a sinner for killing an innocent man, Michael. The sergeant scooped a wet mess from his belt.

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