The “Ethics of Emergencies” is an essay published in “The Virtue of Selfishness.” It addresses two main issues: how to think about ethical problems, and when. The first is that this chapter was not written by Ayn Rand. Usually, this would not be especially important, since she did include it in the book. 1 Tara Smith, Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist (New York: . Rand’s essay “The Ethics of Emergencies”13 as discussing “the status of rights.

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Yeah, “Only in an emergency should one volunteer to help strangers” Ayn Rand writes.

The Ethics of Emergencies | SOLO – Sense of Life Objectivists

And there is one reality and one correct metaphysics of reason! An emergency is an unchosen, unexpected event, limited in time, that creates conditions under which human survival is impossible—such as a flood, an earthquake, a fire, a shipwreck. A person who waitresses by day and writes novels or paints in the evenings is not compromising any moral value; rather, she is both being productive and self-sustaining in the manner suited to a good—that is, rational—being. All things are contained in philosophy, all men in the philosopher.

I am not sure who would argue etuics this.

When you reach the shore and find food, water, and hospitalization, the emergency is over. This whole piece is completely bogus.

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Associating self-esteem with selfishness can only make sense to a person who is so insecure that they, whether deep down or consciously, believe or fear that they matter less than other people. Dissent Hi Rick, Submitted by krishna2 on Mon, This is another dichotomy which she employs, and I believe that the reality of fairness in the world is more nuanced, and less Just than Rand describes. It could be alleged that Smith gets Rand out of one problem only to land her in another.

If I never spent any effort to understand such ideas, I would find them evil and unforgiveable. If I care about you, you matter. This, again, is subjectivism. This essay apportions a domain of reality beyond the powers of man- that is the contradiction. Why is Dominique so destructive?


What if one lives under a dictatorship for a lifetime? This sounds, to me, like love being based on whether the object of said feeling happens to have the amazing characteristics I have.

There is no need to spend the time, energy, and even money to understand the situation of others, because all that matters is our interests and where other people are so different from us, we may not see how their interests should matter to us.

Date – newest first Date – oldest first. Thats why Rand specified that life is “impossible” in an emergency. Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded Date – newest first Date – oldest first 10 comments per page 30 comments per page 50 comments per page 70 comments per page 90 comments per page comments per page comments per page comments per page comments per page Select your preferred way to display the comments and click “Save settings” to activate your changes.

But your commentary doesn’t give me any perspective I lacked.

It’s natural that people would evaluate the two kinds of situations in entirely different ways. Objective morality, unlike subjective or intrinsic morality, is related to reality, and therefore dependent on context. We’ve had discussions on SOLO where altruists try to defend their theories by saying “What if there’s a baby ethicz in a lake, and you’re late for a business meeting! The Objectivist ethics apply to situations where there is a fundamental harmony of ayyn between rational men, so they would be counterproductive in some emergency situations.

We very rarely come close to death, and usually things happen in a predictable way. A naturalistic account of qyn denies a sharp distinction between the moral and the prudential. Ash – April 13, She makes me ill. McGraw-Hill College,pp.


Rand described an emergency as a kind of situation where human life is not possible. Wadsworth Publishing Company,p. Thompson, who is holding Galt captive at gunpoint. There is on her view a metaphysically distinct self, who has an epistemically distinct understanding of what is good for that self, and that is brought to any particular relationship.

Who’s Online There are currently 1 user and 14 guests online. Excerpt Submitted by Phil Howison on Sat, Rand also suggests that if you must steal in order to survive, then once life has returned to normal, you should make restitution to the owner. But the more profound and important fact is that my consciousness is exactly one and the same in any of mine past, present and future births though my body is different. Each of these seven virtues is explored methodically by considering the nature of the particular virtue, why it is a virtue i.

The fact that someone needs our help does not mean they are trying to mooch off of us, necessarily. My philosophy is made to last, not to be surrendered in times of accident and emergency. The standard of ethics is my experience and interests. By claiming that not all emergencies are the same, Smith avoids endorsing fully one interpretation over the other, at least as Hicks depicts the options.

New American Library,pp. Only certain moral principles. You may survive the lifeboat scenario, but only because you remove yourself from the emergency situation at some point. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Smith starts out in chapter 2 with a compressed summary of Viable Values, which provides a necessary foundation for readers unfamiliar with her 4 See, e.

Men can live on land, but not in water or in a raging fire.

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