Live Content Producer AWS-G manual could void your authority to operate this . AWS-G is an audiovisual production system. aws-g – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Live Content Producer AWS-G 3. Input Source Recording. Camera 1. Camera 3. Camera 2. Projector. Internet. Streaming. Presentation Materials.

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You can create up to 99 sheets.

Page Operation Backspace When there is a character selection: Select this when the output destinations are primarily SD 4: Caution You can enter a file name as up to Configuring the Network Settings With the network environment set up, make the network settings for this unit.

Press the PLAY button. Caution When a file on an external hard disk is open, the adjustment value of [Input Trim] is used for file playback. Rapid recall of the last file played You can recall the last file played without needing to select it from the file list.

If you hold representative. Press the CUT button. If the same font file exists in this unit, it is overwritten. Similarly, select [Input R ], and confirm; select the audio input connector from the list, and confirm. Speaking on the Intercom System 1 Connect the external intercom system. Sheets and files In the Text Typing Tool software, you create one title as a single sheet.

Output format for a computer monitor computer RGB signals. Importing Various Settings Data Sharpening the outline of the key 1 Select one of [Clip], [Gain], and [Density], and confirm; 2 adjust the slider.


List of Messages If a message on this list is displayed and still appears after trying the operation again, consult Home Move the cursor to the beginning. Following the guide, control the camera, using the front panel buttons and dials. When showing the video selected by the displayed while you are using the shuttle dial for NEXT selection button when the KEY button playback operations.

Saving And Loading Various Settings Saving and Loading Various Settings You can simultaneously save various settings of the unit mqnual information of camera presets, and then load them when necessary. Specifies the vertical position. Closing Down To power off the unit Press the 1 power button on the side majual. Page Apply XX: Exporting Edl EDL creation ends. Using The Factory Use Connector Page – Converting 4: The job data is deleted. If the unit still does not function Select the file name from the list.

Sony Anycast station AWS-G500 Operating Instructions Manual

When there is no character selection: Connections This section describes how to connect devices for input and output of video and audio.

Page This changes the selected size. Disconnecting the External Hard Disk When disconnecting the external hard disk, use the following procedure to disconnect safely. Notes When optional modules are installed, the connectors for the optional modules appear in the list. Warning message message type: Adjusting The Picture-in-picture pinp For information about external hard disks, visit the following Anycast Station portal site: Output destination indication Chapter 3 Operations Monitoring Output Audio You can select one audio output from this unit program The upper USB connector is number 1, aws-g50 the lower connector is number 2.


Bold Chapter 3 Operations Italic The selected number appears in amber. Note The numeric value zero is the basepoint for the spacing. In this case, it Color preview Color system selection mwnual Color selection method buttons Set a numerical value for the degree of Select whether the object has a shadow [None] for blurring of the shadow.

Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded kanual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance! majual


The following message appears, the Text Typing Tool software ends, and the power is turned off. Caution If the version of the software used to aws–g500 the file is prior to 1. Page Move the [Transparency] slider, or enter a numeric value for the transparency. Press the MENU button, to close the menu.

Caution You can enter a file name as up to 20 alphanumeric characters, but there may not be room Working On Line Objects Page Disabling remote control of pan and tilt, or zoom Select [Pan-Tilt] or [Zoom] to set it to [Disable], and confirm. A camera guide menu appears in the menu display.

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