Atago PAL-1 Digital Hand Held Pocket Refractometer, – % Brix Measurement Range: Science Lab Refractometers: : Industrial. Buy Atago (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer, % Brix from Cole- Parmer. “Goodbye to handheld refractometers!”. R Atago PAL-1 Digital Hand-held “Pocket” Refractometer Atago PAL1 Cole-Parmer EW / Fisher / VWR

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Filtration Equipment and Accessories. The Automatic Temperature Compensation function of the PAL enables you to take measurement readings regardless of the ambient temperature. The PAL-2 is water resistant rated at IP65so clean up of viscous samples can be done easily by placing the instrument under running water. Advantages of the PAL-Plato include: Calibration with water only.

The PAL is a completely new and redesigned digital hand-held instrument that will change the traditional stago of refractometers.

Halve a piece of dried fruit and place atato cut side down.

The size, design, function and performance will surprise you. Approximately 1, measurements 60 seconds of continuous measurement after 5 to 15 seconds of analysis. Dissolved Oxygen Meters and Controllers. Quick and easy measurements can be taken with the PALS anywhere on your factory floor. Any other substance s dissolved in the atayo will affect the readings. Vacuum Pumps, Aspirators, Siphons, and Accessories.

PAL-1, – % Brix, Handheld Digital Refractometer, Atago

Class IP65 – Dust-tight and Protected against water jets. This is most suitable for the measurement of the percent dilution and controlling the percent concentration of hydraulic oil and cleaning liquid. The sample stage is designed to keep sample solutions from spilling out. Just drops of sample Easy and atgo measuring Measurement displayed in just 3 seconds Hot or cold samples can be measured.


Gloves – Industrial Grade. Our price is too low to show. RI will continuously scroll across the display. Continuous measure and display repeatedly Measurement Range Brix 0. This makes it the perfect instrument for high concentration samples such as jam, marmalade, jelly, honey, concentrated juice, etc. Save on time, labor, and material with PAL-Soil.


The refractometer cannot differentiate just the content of ethyl alcohol. Laboratory Equipment and Supply Products.

ATAGO Pal-1 Digital Hand Held Pocket Refractometer Brix Range | eBay

It measures the Brix value of colostrum, which has a correlation with the immunoglobulin IgG value contained in colostrum. Please contact us for more details. Minimum Advertised Price MAP The manufacturer of this item has mandated a minimum price at which we may advertise this product.

It cannot analyze the concentration of other types of acid that may be present in the sample. The Attago with expand your range of measuring possibilities.

For these samples, the Atabo will give steady readings once measurement is repeated a few times and the temperature of the sample and prism surface conforms to the ambient temperature.

Additionally, taking measurements with the PAL-Plato only requires a few drops of sample, and it provides accurate readings within 3 seconds!


Educational Laboratory Sets and Equipment. Light and Sound Meters. You can rinse off the sample by running water on the sample stage. Gloves – Medical Grade. Laboratory and Office Seating Furniture. Revolutionary new feature ELI. Take advantage of current pricing before year end. Use it to measure soy sauce, ketchup, marinades, curry and many other sauces.

Simply place a few afago of DEF on the prism, press “Start” and the xtago Urea concentration is displayed digitally in 3 seconds!

3810 PAL-1

In addition, the best new feature of the PAL-2 is that daily “zero-setting” calibration can be performed by using just water. Zero setting calibration can be done with distilled or tap water! Designed with a full Range Brix atato.

The design allows the user to easily wipe off the sample. Legionella Detection Test Kits.

ATAGO Refractometers 3810 Pal-1 Digital Hand Held Pocket Refractometer 0.0 Brix

Cutting oil, molding lubricant and rust resistance liquid are also well within the measurement range of the PALS. The PAL-Plato is designed for breweries to measure the specific gravity of sweet wort in degrees Plato. Wireless data logging with the Atayo is now available for iPhone users.

The size, design, function and performance will surprise you. Patent for Invention Registration No.

iPhone X