At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in which you are able to produce goods Best Card Game Nominee · Essener Feder Best Written Rules Winner. cry: In the 8th page, in the FAQ part, the rules say as below.: [i]① What happens if the pile of Action cards is completely emptied during the. Board Game: At the Gates of Loyang» Forums» Rules · Post Thread 0, solo variation of Loyang/a question about the offer grid. by Daniel Mills Wed Apr 5.

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I believe I bought 2 extra fields. You should almost always try to plant as much vegetables as possible, to give yourself a constant and big supply. After you have given away the necessary number of vegetables you will get the vegetable that you selected.

After that the player can choose how many steps he wants to advance on the path of prosperity it is possible to choose 0 steps. Loans can never be repaid. The decision to vates a loan is tough. Post as a guest Name. Well, at least it doesn’t affect the game.

Hiew’s Boardgame Blog: At the Gates of Loyang

The Game ends after 9 Rounds — that is, at the end of the Round in which players finish harvesting their Home field. Some players may have a Private field left to turn over in Round 8; others may att.

It could be my group just isn’t that nasty – we didn’t really use any of the interaction cards to mess each other up. Notes and Special Cases: OR Buy a Casual customer from another player for 2 cash.

I bet a perfect Loyang score is possible, but only if you really do do everything perfectly and maybe have a gahes of good luck too! Can I trade rupes at the Market stall during the Card phase, so that I can sell a more expensive vegetable to earn money to pay for a field? This bead is flatter and less likely to get knocked over. Once he has played, all the remaining cards in his hand are placed in the Courtyard. A card, once played, gats be discarded until it has been used.


The player receives, rlues 0 Cash, up to 1 vegetable that the Merchant could buy from the Shop for 1 Cash from the Supply. Buy 1 vegetable from the Supply not from the Shop. Casual customers are one-time affairs, and don’t ever get angry with you. If he has more Casual than Regular customers, the price paid is gatrs by 2 Cash.

At the Gates of Loyang is a card game. Until it is discarded, she must either deliver to the Regular customer or pay the penalty. Notes and special cases: Some rounds later, she uses her Market stall for the third time and discards it. During the card phase of each round, players start with 4 cards in hand. Both these deliveries must be made at the same time.

At the Gates of Loyang

I’m always interested in good games that I can play with my wife. A player can deliver vegetables to his Regular customers in any order.

We played the first game using the beginner’s variant, i. Each Helper appears on one card, with the exception of the Trader, who appears on three.

Plant all empty private fields each turn to ensure an adequate supply of vegetables. A player performs all his actions before passing the turn to the next player, and sometimes you need to really think through and plan the order of your actions.

Regular customers must be acquired on or before Turn 6 to reach their max payout by game end Turn 9. You get fields of various sizes during the gatex, and when you plant something, the mechanism is very similar to Agricola and AntiquityI read.


My first game, I got almost to 19 and the winner got 20; my second game, I scored 20 points no loans, 15 coins left. Players may not partially fill a row that is, only supply 1 vegetable. Helpers with a red lantern on the top left corner are those which can affect other players.

Question about FAQ | At the Gates of Loyang | BoardGameGeek

Or just that there may be opening situations where a loan is the right play, but it will be really hard for you to get thf high score if you do? Game information Create invitation Ranking table. He still needs to serve the first 2 Regular customers. At Yucata there is a starting player token displayed beneath each player name with a number on it.

The only situation where I could see it being worthwhile is if it let you go up two extra steps on the first turn, after needing to spend your money because some really good cards game up. Cards which are covered by another Action card do not add to the cost. These are provided by the local farmers, who plant wheat, pumpkins, turnips, cabbages, beans and leeks in their fields.

Like Agricolaas soon as we started playing Loyangwe kept coming back for more. Fill the Market stall immediately, even if thd player has caused it to be revealed. Funny enough, my wife actually likes it a lot more than I do. Then a confirmation dialog will be displayed which also tells you how much the Two-pack would cost.

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