Shaykh Dawani RA has related that he heard from some of the Mashaaikh of Hadith that Surely Dua is accepted when the names of the. The Battle of Badr is the most important battle in the whole of human history as it together with of his Sahaba (Companions) and angels sent by Allah We should remind ourselves that Asma’ Ahl Badr (the names of the. The Badr is inspired by the companions of Badr who sacrificed everything for . You can become a member in your own name, in the name of your parents.

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Salaam, There are mutiple narrations of the names of the Though visit to this unforgettable site is regulated nowadays, many believers reach there and offer special salutation to the martyrs of Badr. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Jahsh al-Muhajiri R. However, it is necessary to say “Radiyallahu anh May Allah be pleased with him ” when the blessed name of each of them is said. Sayyiduna Zayd ibn-i Wadia al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Sa’d ibn-i Muadh al-Awsi R.


Who is called a sahabi? That’s right, worser than Marilyn Manson: Sayyiduna Nawfal ibn-i Abdullah al-Khazraji R.

Asma al Badr – Names of the Sahabah of Badr

Sayyiduna al-Hubab 133 Mundhir al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Talha bin Ubaydullah al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Amir ibn-i Bukayr al-Muhajiri R. Sign in Already have an account?

Asma al Badr – Names of the Sahabah of Badr | Salawaat Durood / Salawat Durud

Sayyiduna Sawad ibn-i Ghaziyya al-Khazraji R. Do you have something called dua al badr? Sayyiduna Rafi’ bin Yazid al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Muattib ibn-i Kushayr al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Rashid ibn-i Mualla al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Yazidi ibn-i Haram al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Bahhath ibn-i Tha’laba al-Khazraji R.

By IslandsandmirrorsFriday at Sayyiduna Mas’ud ibn-i Aws al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Umayr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Muadh ibn-i Jabal al-Khazraji R. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Other than that I have found nothing in regards to this. Along side him will be his companions, in number.

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn’ur-Rabi al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Malik ibn-i Numayla al-Awsi R. I read some beautiful posts about the martyrs of Badr on this site. During search in the battle ground he found Abu Jahl lying helplessly on his back. Sayyiduna Salit ibn-i Qays al-Khazraji R.


List of participants at the Battle of Badr

Sayyiduna Khalifa bin Adiyy al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna al-Fakih ibn-i Bishr al-Khazraji R.

Skip to main content. Sayyiduna Muadh ibn-i Mais al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Umara bin Hazm al-Khazraji Asmmaul. Sayyiduna Nu’man ibn-i Sinan al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Khidash ibn-i Qatada al-Awsi R.

Sayyiduna Sayfi bin Sawad al-Khazraji R. Although the Muslims held only a tiny piece of the land, the whole of Arabia, under the leadership of the Quraysh, moved against them, bent upon their extermination. asmaup

Posted November 9, Log in Create new account Random Question. Sayyiduna Malik ibn-i Qudama al-Awsi R. It was funny how a couple of them were abdul wahabs lol. Sayyiduna al-Harith ibn-i Qays al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn’ul-Humayyir al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Ka’b al-Khazraji R. You are commenting using your Namse account.

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