No prefacio, escrito em agosto de , especialmente para esta edicao de AS VEIAS ABERTAS DA AMERICA LATINA, Eduardo Galeano lamenta que o livro. A L&PM esta relancando AS VEIAS ABERTAS DA AMERICA LATINA, de Eduardo Galeano, nao apenas em formato convencional, mas com o mesmo conteudo. As Veias Abertas Da America Latina Eduardo Galeano. likes. Book.

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O simplemente, nunca la han perdido. En la alquimia colonial y neocolonial, el oro se transfigura en chatarra y los alimentos se convierten en veneno. El oro se transfigura en chatarra, y los alimentos se convierten en veneno. The author galexno has proclaimed his obsession as a writer saying, “I’m a writer obsessed with remembering, with absrtas the past of America above all and edurado all that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to amnesia.

Look no further than Open Veins in Latin America for a compelling narrative that answers these questions. Refresh and try again.

The thieves were going to burn the letters, but they talked it over and finally decided to return them. This is exactly what it says in the title, and it’s gorgeous. Lists with This Book. What’s behind the criticism of neoliberalism?

In the colonial and neocolonial alchemy, gold changes into scrap metal and food into poison. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Galeano siempre me deja satisfecha. AbegtasPocketpages. Yes it is sad that Spain and Portugal and Britain and the United States have used Latin America to their economic advantage but we should not dwell on it.

As Veias Abertas da América Latina

Facts are obviously molded for dramatic appeal handpicking specific dates, excerpts from JFK speeches, etc. If at least for the amount of historical and economical issues touched inside these pages it is worth reading, actually the chapter on the nature of international loans could had been easily written nowadays by just swapping the names of a few countries in for others in Europe.


Library of Congress catalogs it Este libro es lectura obligatoria para cualquier latinoamericano. By the simple trick of mailing them back one by one, those good thieves gave new life to the letters and new illusions to the old man.

Books by Eduardo Galeano. We could stand to study what the developed world did to undevelop and dominate our brothers to south to figure out how we can reverse the growing economic equality that is strangling communities all over The United States. Ralph Berg rated it did not like it May 23, This was a hugely important book when it first came out back in the early s. This was a strategy designed in Washington and imposed upon the Latin American people ra the economic and political forces of the right.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Though this theme is constantly addressed throughout Open Veins of Latin America, Abretas found the book to be bit slower read due to the fact that Galeano analyzes the entire history of Latin America. Just not to confuse anyone about the ideological orientation of the author, the book amrrica printed at least in my edition with a nice red cover.

Even as I read this book with a grain of salt, I still found it powerful. He calls the early Castro revolution a great success and exhorts the rest of Latin America to embrace the same route.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is a foundational text of ca “new left”, and in its massive wrestling with the shadow history of a whole continent, its just as influential as anything by Edward Said, Howard Zinn, etc.

Return to Book Page. It is an historical analysis of the mechanisms and effects of colonialism and imperialism as they have been employed in Latin America. Massive amounts of information here presented by abertqs who clearly knows how to write while effortlessly crossing between topics and literary genres. I read the English translation.


A work of impressive scope, essentially the history of a whole continent. There are a lot of lessons for Americans across both continents that named for Amerigo. A system made impotent by its function of international servitude, and moribund since birth, has feet of clay.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The powerful who legitimize their privilege by heredity cultivate nostalgia.

Some quotes in the follow-up seven years later still sound very pertinent today the book was originally written in Basically, all though Latin America as a whole possessed great amounts of resources, it was subject to the desires of Europe and the United States. View all 8 comments. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

As Veias Abertas da América Latina by Eduardo Galeano (4 star ratings)

Tomas Rugel rated it did not like it Oct 12, Footnotes are lacking for a st Eduardo Galeano passionately recounts the horrific events of the last 7 centuries in Latin America.

It’s sad that anyone takes it seriously today. Gabriela Valentina rated it did not like it Dec 29, I’m learning much about the oppression, colonization, and economic exploitation of Latin America, and feeling fairly stunned that I never aberta about this book.

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